Spook Up Your Halloween Night With A Tasty Taco Spider Ring

Table of Halloween-themed foods
Table of Halloween-themed foods - JeniFoto/Shutterstock

Serving up fun-themed foods can be a great way to celebrate the holidays. You can use some colorful buns to serve up burgers while celebrating the 4th of July or make some heart-shaped cupcakes for Valentine's Day. That little bit of extra attention to your food will add some fun to the table. When planning treats for Halloween, try sticking to the usual color theme: black, orange, green, and purple. And, of course, Halloween-themed sprinkles make decorating cupcakes easy.

If you're looking for a festive way to feed a crowd at your next Halloween party, you can make a taco ring mimicking the look of a spider. To create the body, wrap a ring of seasoned, cooked ground beef with crescent rolls. Then, use some extra crescent roll dough to form the legs on a separate baking tray. Once it's all assembled, your food will not just taste delicious — it'll add a fun décor element to your serving table, too.

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How To Shape Your Spider Ring

Ground beef with peppers
Ground beef with peppers - Angelika Heine/Shutterstock

You'll want to pre-cook your meat before shaping it into the ring. Season it with your favorite taco seasoning blend, and add some black beans to the mix. Or, if you're cooking for a plant-based crowd, you could opt to swap the meat out in favor of making the entire ring full of beans. You can also mix in some diced onions or peppers. Allow the meat and bean mix to cool just a little, then mix in some shredded cheese.

Then, grab two cans of crescent roll dough. Pull apart the dough into triangles, and use the bases of those triangles to create a circle on a sheet pan, with the top points facing outward. Carefully spoon the mixture onto the circle, forming a ring with the bean, meat, and cheese blend. Once you've shaped it properly, take the exposed points of the triangles and fold them over to the base. Tuck them underneath the roll, then bake it until the crescent rolls are golden brown.

Add The Finishing Touches After The Spider Bakes

Crescent roll spider taco ring
Crescent roll spider taco ring - Instagram

To make the legs, make sure you reserve eight of the crescent roll triangles. Fold them in half to make them long and skinny -- like spider legs. Then, bend the dough so it will bake at a right angle. Once the spider and its legs have fully baked, you can attach the legs by inserting the thicker portion into the meat, adding four legs on each side of the spider.

Then, when you're ready to serve the dish, fill the center of the ring with your desired taco toppings: sour cream, lettuce, or diced tomatoes. Or, you can place a bowl in the center and allow your guests to dip their food into salsa, queso, or fresh guacamole. As a finishing touch, you can slice up an olive to create the spider's eyes or squeeze out a little bit of sour cream in the shape of a spiderweb. Once your dish is fully decorated, slice the ring up into individual serving sizes, and it'll be ready to display as an edible Halloween decoration for your party.

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