The one person you should be spoiling this Valentine's Day

Font of wisdom and Queen of Everything, Ru Paul famously says, “If you can't love yourself,
how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

And we’re taking this mood into Valentine’s Day next week.

Whether single or partnered, we think everyone should practice self-love on the day traditionally celebrated only by couples.

Buy yourself presents, send yourself flowers, eat chocolate in the bath - whatever makes you happy.

In the famous words of Donna and Tom from Parks and Recreation:

Always ask yourself, what would Donna do?

We’ve put together a list of romantic and sexy gifts to help you show you how you feel about you.

Don’t forget to write yourself a card.


Wearing lingerie should be as much about how you feel as it is about how you look. More even.

Just because nobody else is going to see it doesn’t mean you can’t feel sexy and enjoy it. You do you.

Sexy is about how you feel as much as how you look.


Raspberries and chocolate - it’s a marriage made in confectionary heaven.

I’m honestly thinking of sending Allen’s a thank you card. Or maybe a love letter.

Name a more iconic duo.


There’s nothing like a bold red lip to make you feel confident and sexy.

And, just like lingerie, you don’t need to wear it for anyone but yourself.

I’m currently loving this Limited Edition Red Love Lip Kit from Nudestix.

“Beauty to me is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick” – Gwyneth Paltrow


Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Send yourself some flowers,

To say Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

Sending yourself roses is the ultimate power move.


When was the last time you bought yourself perfume?

If you can’t remember, it’s time for more.

Because when practising self-love, it helps if you smell nice.

Baby, just say yes.


Draw yourself a bath, light a bunch of candles, and put on some Lizzo.

If you don’t love yourself more after five minutes, you’re doing it wrong. Try Ecoya’s new Autumn Limited Edition fragrances, they’re divine.

Autumn Limited Edition fragrances include Maple and Black Violet. Photo: Supplied/ecoya

Light your own fire this Valentine's Day.

Sex toys

Just trust me on this one.

If it were legal to marry objects, I’d be Mrs. Womanizer-Red-Duo-Rechargeable-G-Spot-and-Clitoral-Stimulator by now.

You can tell people it's art.


There’s wearing your heart on your sleeve, and then there’s wearing it on everything else.

These fun Balenciaga sunnies are the perfect way to say “I love you, me,” but there’s a lot more Valentine’s-themed clothing and accessories out there for you to spoil yourself with.

Heart-shaped is the new rose-tinted.

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