Spoilers: Home and Away's freak accident puts Ziggy's baby at risk

Last week on Home and Away, the Newman family reunion went haywire, Xander Delaney (Luke Van Os) set his heart on the line, and a young couple said ‘I love you’ for the first time.

This week, Ziggy Astoni’s (Sophie Dillman) terrifying accident has disastrous consequences, Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) gets arrested and Xander struggles with his open relationship.

L: Ziggy being held by paramedics on Home and Away. R: Dean rushes to Ziggy's side as she lies in pain
This week on Home and Away, a freak accident puts Ziggy and her baby at risk. Photo: Seven (Seven Network)

Ziggy and Dean are loved-up as they playfully debate over whether the baby should be an Astoni or Thompson.

After fierce debate, the mechanic loses her balance and falls down the Salt stairs, leaving everybody horrified for her baby’s safety.

Ziggy is rushed to hospital and Bree Cameron (Juliet Godwin) mistakes Dean’s overprotective nature as signs of domestic abuse.


Trigged from her own brush with intimate partner violence, the doctor orders Ziggy to stay for overnight observation and questions the mum-to-be about various bruises on her body.

"Dean's tone is triggering for Bree and alarm bells start ringing," Juliet tells Yahoo Lifestyle. "When Bree sees the bruise on Ziggy's leg this confirms in her mind that Ziggy is being abused.

"Bree has far too often experienced having to make excuses for her own injuries — she won't sit back and watch someone else suffer in silence."

Bree Cameron hugs her husband Jacob on Home and Away
Home and Away character Bree Cameron is trapped in an abusive marriage. Photo: Seven (Seven Network)

Cash arrests Dean

After Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) receives Bree’s claim that Dean is abusing Ziggy, he has no choice but to arrest his friend.

Ziggy is overwhelmed and stressed once her boyfriend is taken away and unleashes her anger on Bree, demanding that she have a different doctor.

Dean doesn’t want to play ball with Cash, but once he gets threatened with an AVO he changes his tune quickly.


Bree feels awful once Remi Carter (Adam Rowland) says she’s projecting her own issues onto the couple, and realises she made a mistake when she overhears Dean’s obvious care for his girlfriend.

Juliet tells us that Bree is 'confronted and heartbroken' once she realises she was wrong.

"Bree realises that in trying to save Ziggy it is actually her very own plea for help," she explains. "The veil is lifted and she realises Dean is not like Jacob. This ultimately propels Bree to go to the police about her own situation."

Xander talks to Stacey in the diner on Home and Away
Xander struggles to accept that Stacey wants to date other people. Photo: Seven (Seven Network)

Xander tries it Stacey’s way

Xander gets irritated when he sees Nikau Parata (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) chatting up his girlfriend Stacey on the beach, but Nikau swears the pair are just friends.

Stacey isn’t sure that Xander can do non-monogamy, but he swears he’s going to try. After a chat with Irene Roberts (Lynne McGranger) the paramedic decides to set up another date to prove he’s able to do it Stacey’s way.

However, his date doesn’t go the way he planned and he realises that an open relationship doesn’t work for him.

Will he be able to convince Stacey to become exclusive, or is this the end of their fling?

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