Spoilers: Home and Away's new arrivals cause tension in the bay

Last week on Home and Away, Rose Delaney (Kirsty Marillier) turned up the heat with Tex Wheeler (Lucas Linehan) and Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis) stepped in to save Salt.

This week, four new faces bring music to Summer Bay, Felicity bites off more than she can chew and a fan-favourite couple struggles.

Home and Away band Lyrik plays a spontaneous outdoor concert
Home and Away introduces the band 'Lyric' to the show this week. Photo: Seven

Lyrik's arrival in Summer Bay

Cast members have been teasing the arrival of new faces for a while, after multiple characters exited the show this year.

On Monday, viewers will be introduced to Felicity’s old mates who make up the band called Lyrik: lead singer Bob (Rob Mallett), keyboardist Kirby (Angelina Thomson), bassist Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) and guitarist Remi (Adam Rowland).


Jacqui Purvis spoke to Yahoo Lifestyle about the havoc the new characters cause, saying: “Flick’s new friends much like her are full of energy! They’re a part of a band that used to work at the same bar she worked at, so they have a lot of fun history!

Left: Kirby plays the keyboard and sings, Right: Felicity comes to hug Bob
Felicity is excited to have her city-slicker mates in Summer Bay. Photo: Seven

“The group definitely bring the playful, spontaneous side of Flick out - which is always a fun ride,” she tells us.

The band’s unexpected arrival causes some tension between Felicity and boyfriend Tane Parata (Ethan Browne), after the group takes over the Parata house.

The latest promo shows an exasperated Tane interrupting band practice as he tells the group off.

"Guys, we have rules here. Clean up after yourselves please,” he barks at the band. It doesn't sit well with the band's head-strong lead singer Bob, who replies with a snarky: "Okay, dad."

“Having the band stay at the Parata house definitely challenges [their] relationship. Unfortunately, with all the excitement Flick can sometimes forget to check in with Tane. But fortunately she’s very good at swaying him,” Jacqui says.

Mackenzie shows a flyer that says 'live music at salt' to Dean
Felicity convinces Mackenzie that they should do something big to relaunch Salt. Photo: Seven

Felicity faces a ‘scary moment’

After Felicity bought part of Salt to become Mackenzie Booth’s (Emily Weir) business partner, she prepares to hit the ground running. While Mackenzie wants to play it safe, Felicity is full of big and bold ideas to entice customers to the bar.

Jacqui warns that her character gets carried away this week, and may make a big mistake.

“There’s definitely a scary moment for Flick that has her questioning herself and her career choices.

So you’ll have to stay tuned to see if she crumbles under pressure or rises to the challenge…” she teases.

Felicity looks stunned as she talks to Mackenzie
Jacqui has teased that things don't go smoothly for Felicity this week. Photo: Seven

Nikau struggles without Bella

It has become more obvious to viewers that Naomi sees Nikau Parata (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) as more than a friend, and while Nikau is devoted to his long-distance girlfriend Bella Nixon (Courtney Miller), the pair are heading for dangerous territory.

The pair bonded last week after Nikau stepped on an urchin spine, spending the whole night getting to know each other.

Nikau accidentally accepts a date invitation from Naomi this week and he responds in an awful way, hurting his new friend in the process.

Is it possible for Nikau and Bella to get over their relationship hurdles, or will he make another terrible decision?

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