Spoilers: Home and Away's Cash gets close to his girlfriend's sister

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Last week on Home and Away, viewers were in the midst of the action as Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) called on the River Boys to help clear his name. He put his relationship with Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) on the line in an attempt to protect his family.

This week in Summer Bay, relationships become messy, a fan favourite hits rock bottom, and we farewell another character from Summer Bay.

Home and Away character Jasmine looks worried on the left, on the right, Rose and Cash are pictured talking in Summer Bay. Cash is in a cop uniform.
Home and Away fans have been predicting that Cash will cheat on Jasmine with Rose. Photo: Seven

Will Rose steal her sister’s boyfriend?

When Rose Delaney (Kirsty Marillier) was first introduced on the show, she was shown flirting with Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright). The latest promo shows Xander Delaney (Luke Van Os) accusing Rose Delaney of having feelings for Cash, reminding her that the cop is their sister’s boyfriend.


This is likely to cause major conflict in their budding sibling relationship with Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost), as well as Rose’s professional relationship with fellow police officer Cash.

Nicholas explains that his character is ‘innocent’ and he really doesn’t think Rose has feelings for Cash. “Cash sees Rose as family at first. He loves Jasmine and just wants to have a good relationship with her family.” he says.

Viewers have been saying on social media that Cash cheats on Jasmine with Rose, with many predicting this is the reason why Jasmine leaves Summer Bay.

Theo is in the Parata's pool, as Tane, Nikau, Felicity, Chloe and Cash laugh.
There's some light-hearted fun this week at the Parata family BBQ. Photo: Seven

Cash and Felicity’s relationship is on the mend

Cash and his sister Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis) have had a strained relationship lately, after the cop arrested Felicity for her involvement in the illegal gambling ring. Felicity’s boyfriend, Tane Parata (Ethan Browne) offers an olive branch to Cash by inviting him to their family BBQ to help repair the sibling relationship.

Cash decides to turn into party mode and drinks a little too much, carrying on the party elsewhere once he leaves the house. Yahoo Lifestyle spoke to Nicholas about how fun it was to play “fun Cash”.

“It was so much fun to play a light-hearted Cash, he never lets his guard down,” the actor starts.

“His life is so serious and he is always dealing with something big, be it police work or Felicity, so he just doesn’t get much of a chance to relax.”

The actor also hints at how ‘happy’ his character becomes, saying: “He also really can’t handle his alcohol at all. It was one of my favourite sequences to shoot. I hope ‘fun Cash’ can come back more often.”

Mackenzie looks worried on the set of Home and Away.
Mackenzie is blindsided when she finds out Logan has resigned from the hospital. Photo: Seven

Mackenzie hits rock bottom

Mackenzie is in a really sticky situation this week, with the chance of criminal charges being laid against her for the illegal gambling ring and her financial situation looking dire.

To make matters worse, Mackenzie gets completely blindsided when she goes to the hospital to find her boyfriend, Logan Bennett (Harley Bonner). She’s informed that he’s not there, and to add to Mackenzie’s emotional turmoil - he’s resigned and left Summer Bay.

After everything that has happened to Logan and Mackenzie, it looks like he’s taken the easy way out and disappeared, re-enlisting into the army. Mackenzie can’t catch a break as she starts to drink at Salt by herself — is she heading for a downward spiral?

Emily Weir recently spoke to Yahoo Lifestyle about the storylines her character has been going through, saying: “Her life and relationships are literally crumbling before her, and she doesn’t know what her next move should be.”

Leah is standing in the Morgan house glaring at Justin, she is wearing a dark green dress.
Leah is furious with Justin this week for throwing her under the bus. Photo: Seven

Have Leah and Justin ruined Theo’s relationship?

Tensions are running high between Leah Patterson (Ada Nicodemou) and Justin Morgan (James Stewart) after the mechanic threw his girlfriend under the bus.

After Chloe Anderson (Sam Barrett) walked in on Justin naked, he blurted out that “Leah doesn’t want you staying at our place all the time.” Justin finds himself in the dog box, leaving Theo Poulos (Matt Evans) worried that this latest setback is going to ruin his relationship with Chloe.

It seems that not all is lost, as Chloe arranges a big Parata style BBQ in their backyard to welcome Theo into the family. It’s nice to see the family able to have fun again as they plan to prank Theo as part of a hazing ritual.

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