Sophie Monk hits back at Georgia Love

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Tension is rising between fellow Bachelorettes Sophie Monk and Georgia Love after Georgia branded Sophie’s new show Love Island  on Twitter as “absolutely abhorrent.”

After ironically saying, “I am so appalled by #LoveIslandAU I’m not even going to justify a worthwhile tweet about it,” Georgia made her feelings towards the show perfectly clear, implying it was of a sexist nature and completely different to her own experience.

“The ignorance of thinking my experience of being in control of who I wanted to date was in any way similar to being literally picked from a lineup of girls in bikinis and high heels by men cracking sexual innuendos in the first five minutes,” Georgia posted.

Tension is rising between Georgia Love and Sophie Monk after they clashed in opinion towards the new dating show Love Island. Source; Getty

Host Sophie Monk then hit back at the remark calling out Georgia for being judgmental before saying “[by the way] we both wore bikinis,” speaking of their own past reality dating experiences on The Bachelorette.

Georgia shot back with a comment assuring she wasn’t being judemental and gave “full disclosure” that she actually only watched the first 10 minutes of the show.

I certainly am not judging the people, I’m all about ‘You Do You’! Was just really disappointed by how it felt as if the girls were simply pieces of meat and up the taking. Full disclosure though I only watched the first 10 minutes so don’t know what happened after that! X” Georgia said. 

However, the reply wasn’t without a bit of sass, with the star adding she never wore a bikini during her season.

And boom, that led to Sophie suggesting Georgia be more “kind”.

Host Sophie Monk called on Georgia Love to be a little kinder towards the show and the people. Source: Instagram / Love Island AU

Others decided to chime in with their own comments such as “Says the girl who was the Bachelorette dating several guys”. 

While another said, “Ummmm #thebachelorette is hardly cutting edge television. People in glass houses I guess…”

Despite the comments, we think it’s fair to assume Georgia won’t be tuning in to the rest of the season.


Former Bachelorette Georgia Love expressed her clear disapproval towards the apparent sexist nature of Nine’s new show Love Island. Source: Nine

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