Sophie Monk gets attacked by insects during filming

Emma Shepherd
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Reality show Love Island Australia started with a bang on Sunday night, with our former Bachelorette Sophie Monk making a return to television as the show’s host.

But it wasn’t an easy start for the bubbly blonde after she was attacked by a bee during the filming of a promotional video.

Sophie Monk shares the funny video outtake to her Instagram. Source: Network Ten

“Argh, the weird thing,” she shouted, while swatting away the bug.

“Can you not see that? Why is no one saving me?” she projected to the crew.

“Oh my god, what was that?” she added.

The funny video outtake was shared on Instagram by the 38-year-old reality star, where she poked fun at her funny blooper moment.

WAIT FOR IT… WHY IS NO ONE SAVING ME?” the model wrote.

The video finished with a number of crew members rushing to her rescue while trying to swat the insect away.

“Why is no one saving me?,” the reality star shouted. Source: Network Ten

Fans were quick to show their love and support to the reality star, posting some kind words to the host.

“I love you Soph, you made my day,” one fan wrote.

“This has made my day,” another user posted, adding “don’t worry I’d be scared too”.

To keep up to date with all the Love Island shenanigans, tune in to 9Go at 8:30pm tonight.

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