Sophie Dillman reveals 'really hard' Home and Away exit

Home and Away star Sophie Dillman opens up about leaving the show and makes an emotional admission.

Video transcript

SOPHIE DILLMAN: It was really hard. I'm not going to lie. I cried probably every day for the last month of work. It is such a big family. I know it's cliche to say. But everyone is so humble. And everyone is working towards a common goal. And everyone wants everyone to succeed. And I don't know whether I will ever find that in a workplace ever again. So yeah. It was really, really hard.

But also it was really wonderful because you get to look at it from the outside, and really appreciate all the incredible opportunities you've had. And I've had such a great run with storylines, and publicity opportunities, and working with such incredible actors, and creating friendships that I know are going to last forever. I just I couldn't thank Hemingway enough for the opportunities. And yeah. I was just so lucky.

I mean, we want to do some travel. And because we've worked so hard for this period of time, we haven't really had the opportunity to do a decent stint of travel. So we're hoping to do that. We're hoping to maybe live overseas. But in the comedown after finishing work, we're just sort of chilling out, spending time in the sunshine, spending time with friends and family that we haven't been able to do that for a while. So it's been good. I've napped a lot.