Royal defends Meghan with startling comment

With other senior royals now out of the picture, the spotlight is being shone on Sophie, Countess of Wessex who seems to have come to the defence of Meghan Markle in a recent tell-all with the British press.

Prince Edward’s wife, 55, carried out 236 official engagements in 2019 - which was not only higher than Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall but also beat those of second-in-line to the throne, Prince William.

Prince Edward's wife spent her six-month engagement living at Buckingham Palace (Getty Images)

Speaking to The Sunday Times magazine, the countess said she was glad she had enjoyed a long courtship with the Queen’s son before they wed in 1999, seeming to express sympathy for Meghan who comparatively had only been with Harry for two years before he popped the question.

“I’d had five years to adjust,” the countess told the paper.

The comment was made while reflecting on how her marriage into the royal family differed to the Duchess of Sussex’s experience - which saw her date Prince Harry for two years before they walked down the aisle in 2018.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex has come to the defence of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. Photo: Getty Images

The royal mum-of-two continued: “For our six-month engagement I was even staying in Buckingham Palace. Not that you necessarily know how it will pan out.”

Her home of Bagshot Park - where she lives with her husband, 56, and their 16-year-old daughter Lady Louise Windsor as well as son 12-year-old son James, Viscount Severn - is ten miles from the Sussex’s UK home of Frogmore Cottage.

The countess, who is suggested to have become a confidante to the duchess, said: “We all try to help any new member of the family.”

Prince Edward and his wife sat with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at the annual Commonwealth Day service in March (Getty Images)

At the annual Commonwealth Day service in March, both couples appeared friendly sitting next to each other at Westminster Abbey.

Sophie wishes Harry and Meghan the best in US life

Of the Sussex’s relocation to the United States, the countess said: “I just hope they will be happy.”

The interview highlighted her recent visit to South Sudan, as part of her work against campaigning against sexual violence in conflict.

During the past six years, more than 400,000 people have been killed in the civil war and more than four million have fled their homes - and it is an epicentre of war rape.

According to the United Nations, between January 2018 and January 2020 there were incidents of conflict-related sexual violence involving at least 1,423 victims, including 302 children.

The countess married the monarch’s youngest child - and the only one to never divorce - at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

She is the daughter of a secretary and a sales director for a tyre company and was working at Capital Radio when she met her other half.

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