Sony's big PS5 update adds Dolby Atmos support and lets you turn off the startup beep

The latest software update for the PS5 also adds several social enhancements.

Girts Ragelis via Getty Images

The latest software update for the PlayStation 5 adds a number of useful features to the console, starting with the ability to enjoy its 3D Audio powered by Tempest 3D AudioTech on compatible Dolby Atmos-enabled HDMI devices. Sony first made the feature available, along with the other ones we're mentioning here, as part of a beta update released back in August. Now, it's available to all PS5 users.

Another notable upgrade brought by the new software is support for larger capacity M.2 SSDs. You can now use SSDs up to 8TB, double the previous limit of 4TB, so long as they meet the requirements for compatibility. And if you're playing with someone who may need help beating a particularly difficult level or boss, the console will now allow you to assign a second controller as an assist controller. By doing so, your PS5 will recognize two controllers as one device, and either can control whatever's on screen.

PS5's latest update also comes with enhancements for the console's social features. When you're invited into a closed party, you won't automatically get added to the group anymore, so you don't have to interact with anyone you don't want to. And if someone is sharing a screen in the party you're joining, you'll see a preview of it even before you jump in. If you're the one inviting people, take note that you can now send both closed and open party invitations to several players at the same time. In addition, you can now see which of your friends are doing an activity you can join under the Friends tab, since the interface will now show a "joinable" icon next to them.

Aside from those features, the update will give you the ability to stream PS5 or PS4 games from devices running Android TV OS 12. So far, Sony has verified that the PS Remote Play app is compatible with the 4K Chromecast with Google TV device and the BRAVIA XR A95L model smart TV. In the US and in UK, the update adds new voice commands you can use: Simply say "Hey PlayStation, help" to quickly bring up help pages or "Hey PlayStation, what’s new?" to check for the latest features and the current PS Plus lineup. And if you want to game in the middle of the night and don't want anybody else hearing what you're up to, you can now mute the beep sound the console makes when you turn it on or off. Simply go to Beep Sound under System in Settings and then mute or or adjust its volume.