Tell Us Something That Was Once Affordable That Now Feels Like A Luxury

As life gets more expensive, there are undoubtedly everyday items you used to buy that you've had to sacrifice.

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So we want to know: What are some things that were once affordable that now feel like luxuries?

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Like, maybe you've really been affected by the rising rent prices, and now, being able to have your own space without any roommates where you live seems impossible.

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Perhaps you miss the days when not. Every. Single. Thing was a subscription, and you've had to give up some services you used often just so you could stay within your budget.

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Or maybe you travel often, but the prices for flights, hotels, and more have become very expensive, so you've had to make a lot of inconvenient adjustments because of it.

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In the comments below, name something that was once affordable and now feels like a luxury — and be sure to share how the change has been affecting your life. Or, if you prefer to remain anonymous, feel free to share your answer using this Google form. Your response could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.