Somerset man says mental health app has made a 'huge difference' to his life

Richard Mead
Richard Mead uses the Unbreakable Men app

A user of a men's mental health app says it has made a "huge difference" to his life.

Richard Mead, from Somerset, struggles with anxiety and depression. He uses the Unbreakable Men app, created by wellbeing coach Sammy Wright.

The app is designed to encourage men to open up about their mental health and connect users to support groups and events in the county.

Mr Wright said: "If it saves one person then it's done its job."

The app asks users to score themselves against different criteria.

Users can assess their feelings and wellbeing and set intervals where they check in and assess their progress.

Sammy Wright
Sammy Wright said the app users were building “positive lives”

The app creator, who is originally from the Newcastle area, launched the Bridgwater support group in November 2022.

Users of the Somerset Activity and Sports Partnership-funded app can connect with other local men who attend the group sessions.

"Men are notorious for not opening up and talking about their issues," Mr Wright said.

"There's nothing to suggest that men suffer more than women do, it's just that women tend to be better at talking about it."

Mr Mead said the group was a "release" and had allowed him to "have a laugh and meet like-minded people" with no judgement.

He said: "A lot of people don't like structured one-to-one things because it's very intrusive, but this is more like a group of mates getting together.

"I think men are put in this stereotype where you're supposed to be strong and deal with everything.

"You're sort of told to man up and carry on with life. You carry on smiling, but inside you're tearing yourself apart."

Mr Wright said Mr Mead had made "brilliant progress" in the time that he has been attending.

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