What is soft living? TikTok trend encourages focus on wellness

The ‘soft living’ trend encourages people to focus on their wellbeing (Isaac Y Takeu / Unsplash)
The ‘soft living’ trend encourages people to focus on their wellbeing (Isaac Y Takeu / Unsplash)

TikTok content creators are using their influence for good, to try to encourage their followers to adopt “soft living”.

Originating in the Nigerian influencer community, the idea of soft living has become more widespread in recent months, as more Brits aim to slow down.

Research by Samsung revealed that more than 80 per cent of people in the UK are interested in soft living, citing reasons such as struggling to relax and wanting to prioritise their mental health.

The hashtag #softlife has more than 600 million views on TikTok, while #softliving has 7.9 million views.

What is soft living?

Soft living is about taking time to relax, looking after yourself, and putting your health and wellbeing first.

People who participate in this way of living will prioritise going for walks, listening to music, and reading.

“Soft lifers” will also aim to follow a healthy diet and cut back on alcohol.

Coach and Samsung #TeamGalaxy social influencer Tom Trotter says: “Soft Living has been a way of life for a while now.

“My favourite hacks are considering what I eat and ensuring I stick to a healthy, nutrition-rich diet that fuels and energises me. In addition - incorporating movement into my daily routine - even if it’s just a long walk, is very important.

“It’s also important to have fun in the process and never take myself too seriously. I like to get in the zone, and music helps to take me there. Truly immersing myself in that moment is key.”

Other interpretations of living a soft life include rejecting the corporate world and the career ladder to prioritise having a job you enjoy that earns enough to fund your hobbies.

How to take part in the soft living movement

Trotter has shared some tips for getting started with the soft-living movement.

“Remind yourself why,” he says, “Whether you want to feel calmer and more relaxed or focus on moving more physically, everyone’s aims and goals differ, so don’t compare your soft life practices to the next person.”

He added: “The key to adopting these practices is focusing on how they make you feel – when I physically move more, I feel better in myself, but you need to find what makes YOU feel best and take control of that.

“Wellness doesn’t have to lead with physical fitness.”