Social media users left baffled by 'inside out' jumpers

Danielle Fowler
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Calvin Klein is one of the fashion industry’s most in demand brands with influencers dominating our Instagram feeds in the label’s slogan-emblazoned designs.

But the American fashion house has come under fire for its latest line of ‘Looney Tunes’-inspired knits due to the frayed thread effect – which makes the jumpers appear as though they’re being worn inside out.

The technique is in fact known as reverse intarsia; a method which enables the designer to introduce colours to a garment in a number of shapes and sizes. The final effect is a dishevelled aesthetic.

The brand’s winter-ready jumpers feature the cartoon’s famous characters ‘Road Runner’ and ‘Wile E. Coyote’ and were first introduced on the AW18 catwalk.

Would you pay $2,800 for an inside out jumper in the name of fashion? [Photo: Getty]

The playful designs come with less-than-amusing price tags, weighing in at $2,800 each.

In response to the brand’s latest drop, social media users took to Twitter to share their thoughts:

A Facebook user recently shared an image of the divisive jumper to a group on the social networking forum – drawing further criticism from fellow users, according to the Metro.

One described the knit as resembling “month-old roadkill”.

“Sorry but is ‘reverse intarsia’ Latin for sh***e,” another joked.

Though some may be surprised to learn that the knits have actually proven a moneymaking hit with just a few sizes left over on the Matches Fashion website.

It’s not the first time a major brand has faced backlash for its outlandish designs. Fendi was recently mocked online for a £750 pink fur shawl which resembles a vagina.

Prior to this, Balenciaga came under fire for a seven-layer coat (yes, there were plenty of Joey Tribbiani references).

So far, Marc Jacobs is the only person to have been spotted wearing the divisive coat.

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