Social media is in a frenzy over how ripe bananas should be before eating

From underripe to too ripe, this ‘perfect banana’ chart has left social media in a hot debate over how ripe bananas should be before they are eaten.

Popular Instagram account fitness_meals posed the question to it’s 2.3 million followers with a picture originally created by wrightkitchen showing a scale of 15 different bananas.

With 1 being the most underripe and 15 being the ripest people were asked to take their pick yet it seems they just couldn’t agree on the best one.

Which number would you choose?

Source: Instagram/fitness_meals
Source: Instagram/fitness_meals

For many, any hint of green was a big no, making choices 8 through 11 the most popular.

These spotty banana lovers backed their choice by saying, “When they have the brown spots on them, is when they have the most antioxidants,” along with insisting they are ‘sweeter.’

For others, any sign of brown spots was a turn-off, with one user saying, “1-5 is the only way to go!” and another saying, “See that slither of brown on 7, yeah that’s a huge no no!”

“No spots. Banana not leopard,” someone even joked.

Meanwhile, others were more flexible with their choice and managed to find uses for just about every banana:

“1-4 looks unripe so its perfect for banana chips; 6&7 EAT THEM! 11-15 for banana bread, so bake them!” one user commented.

Many were still happy to use the ripest brown banana for their smoothies. Source: Getty
Many were still happy to use the ripest brown banana for their smoothies. Source: Getty

According to food specialist Rhiannon Lambert, most people choose their desired ripeness based on what their diet allows and what they can digest.

For instance, speaking to the Daily Mail, under-ripe bananas are made up mostly of starch however as it ripens this starch changes to simple sugar which while this may be easier to digest for the average person, a very ripe banana would not be recommended to those who suffer from diabetes.

But frankly, the versatility of this tropical fruit is what makes banana actually pretty amazing.

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