You Can Soak Apples In Practically Any Liquor For A Boozy Sweet Treat

Apple slices in a cocktail
Apple slices in a cocktail - Caterina Trimarchi/Shutterstock

If you're someone who likes their cocktails a little sweet, we've got an exciting recipe for you — liquor-soaked apples. You heard that right — spirit-infused apples are a boozy, zesty snack that will get you buzzed with each and every juicy crunch. Spirit-soaked apples are a fun way to experiment with liquors and can offer your party guests a one-of-a-kind experience, because what fun is drinking a cocktail on ice when you can eat one instead?

Steeping apples in booze isn't just a fun time with friends — it's actually a scientific method called maceration. To successfully macerate an apple, it should be immersed in a flavorful liquid so the fruit can adopt its distinct taste. Fruits with high water content like berries and melons macerate faster than dense fruits, so you'll need at least a few hours to macerate apples with liquor. However, the higher the liquor's ABV is, the faster the apples will macerate.

Although it takes some time, spirit-saturated apples are surprisingly easy to make. Since apples are sturdy, compacted fruits, it's best to cut them into slices before starting the infusion process for more efficient flavor extraction. Once you've got your apple wedges, simply fill up a jar with the liquor of your choosing and let the magic happen. It's really that simple. The best part is, once your apples are done macerating, the liquor itself will boast a bright flavor imparted by the fruit — it's a double win!

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Recipe Ideas And Uses For Boozy Apples

Two cocktails garnished with apple slices
Two cocktails garnished with apple slices - Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

Boozy apples make for festive snacks, jazzy garnishes, or whatever else your adventurous heart desires. But if you can't think of any uses and pairings for liquor-macerated apples off the top of your head — we've got you covered.

Liquor-soaked apples can take on many shades of flavors, including ones that match the seasons. For something light and summery, infuse zesty granny smiths with vodka, and when fall comes around, let a honey crisp apple soak in cinnamon-spiced rum. But don't stop there, because when winter washes over us, you'll want to macerate red delicious apples with a rich, dark bourbon, and when spring flowers bloom you can bathe a Fuji apple in Blanco tequila.

Eat these intoxicating fruit slices straight up or use them as a topping for a poolside sorbet or coffee table charcuterie board. You can even use boozy apples to add an edgy twist to a summer salad packed with complimentary nuts, cheeses, and greens. Whatever way you choose to eat them, you can wash them down with a cocktail garnished with even more liquor-soaked apples. From a fruity sangria to a Fireball-spiked cider, boozy apples can liven up any libation. As delicious as liquor-soaked apples are — always consume alcohol responsibly.

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