Snez on struggle to 'bounce back' after 13 year gap between kids

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She’s one half of Australia’s most fittest couples.

But Snezana Markoski has revealed she struggled to “bounce back” after having her second daughter last year.

The 37-year-old gave birth to Willow, 13 years after having her first daughter Eve, and admitted to Be it was much easier to get back to normal the first time around because she was “younger”.

Mum Snezana Markoski has opened up about the realities of having two kids, 13 years apart. Source: Instagram/SamWood

“When I had Eve I was 24, and obviously a lot younger,” she said. “Things get back to the way they were a lot quicker when you’re young.”

“Being older when I had Willow, I found I was a lot more tired, and you know, things just weren’t bouncing back like they did before.”

The mum-of-two said she found it more difficult to “bounce back” after daughter Willow. Source: Instagram/SamWood

Luckily, Snez says fiancé Sam Wood — who has been a personal trainer for 17 years  — has been there to help support her on her journey back to fitness.

“I think getting fit and healthy and making sure I’ve got a regular routine and eating healthy is so important for mums,” she said. “Especially trying to keep up with both the girls. There’s such a big age gap, staying up at night doing feeds one then being up early on the school run, it can be a challenge.”

It was this multi-tasking that inspired Sam to cater his 28bySamWood fitness plans around mums, as he recognised it can be tough to get a workout in with kids.

Fitness is a family affair for the ‘Woods’ with Snez saying Sam realised how much mums have to do and has catered his new app to help make their lives easier. Source: 28bySamWood

“I think Sam seeing how much a mum actually does, that she doesn’t sit around at home all day and how time constrained we are, really helped him understand that there are a lot of mums out there that do want to stay fit and healthy, it’s about finding the time. Which is why the program is only 28 minutes,” Snez said.

The pair — who met on in 2015 on The Bachelor — have just launched their own app to support those mums trying to get it done around their kids, with Snez revealing she regularly uses ten-month-old Willow as her “resistance”.

“Willow loves getting involved in my workouts, she absolutely loves it,” she said. “She gets involved and she’s my resistance at times.”

Snez says she regularly works out with Willow, using her as a real life weight, as seen. Source: 28bySamWood

Sometimes she doesn’t want to have a bar of it, but I work around her,” she continued. “It’s great to exercise and be a mum at the same time.”

Snez admitted she’s using the app to help her reach her fitness goals before they tie the knot at the end of the year.

Though they’re remaining tight lipped on the plans for their big day, they did reveal to Be Willow is going to be their flower girl along with her big sister.

Sam and Snez are getting married at the end of the year, revealing to Be their daughter’s would be their flower girls. Source: Instagram/SamWood

“We can’t wait,” Sam, 38, said. “We were going to get married earlier and everything changed for the better, but she’s now old enough to crawl down the aisle with us.”

Snez’s tips for mums looking to get back into exercise:

Keep at it

Being a mum, I appreciate that things don’t always go to plan. Sometimes Willow isn’t as keen for me to spend time working out, so I’ll stop, have a little play, and get back to it when I can. It’s taken me a full day to finish my session once and I think it’s good for mums to know you don’t have to do it all in one hit, you can chip away at it too, it all counts.

Use the 28bySamWood App

It’s great because Sam lives and breathes 28, so he’s always there to give you advice and support as well as recipes and workouts. With the app it’s all about staying connected and keeping the followers accountable and keeping them on track. 

Don’t be hard on yourself

Making sure you do something every day is the most important thing, but sometimes parenting can be completely unpredictable. If that happens, don’t be too hard on yourself. If you don’t get it all done in one hit you’re still doing it and that’s what is important.

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