Sneaky 6-year-old orders $415 worth of toys on Amazon

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Gone are the days of begging your mum for a toy on a trip to the shops, these days it’s all about add to cart during a quick online shop.

But those easy clicks are fraught with danger – just ask one Utah mum after her six-year-old somehow managed to blow over $400 on toys on Amazon.

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Little Caitlin was given permission by her mum to order a Barbie online for her birthday. But unbeknownst to her mum, when Caitlin asked to jump back online to check when the delivery would take place, she had much more ambitious plans in mind.

Fast forward to the next day, and Caitlin’s family were astonished when the Amazon delivery man pulled up and began unloading and endless stream of purchases.

The birthday girl’s cousin Ria Diyaolu was on hand to catch mum’s surprise – and Caitlin’s immense glee.

“They just started unloading box after box after box,” Ria told BuzzFeed News.

“Her mom went on her Amazon account and saw three pages of things she had ordered.”

Ria claims her little cousin knew exactly what she was doing, and Twitter sprung to action with other mums detailing their own horror stories of unauthorised shopping sprees.

Other Twitter users gave Caitlin props for her utterly seamless shopping scam.

Despite Caitlin’s glee at her purchases, Ria reveals it was very shortlived, with the six-year-old forced to send everything (bar her Barbie) back and banned from using the internet for a month.

Well, it was worth a shot…

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