Sneaker colour illusion divides the internet – but what do you see?

Allison Yee
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

It looks like a seemingly innocent snap of your average sneaker.

But this image is driving the internet mad, with people left divided and endlessly debating over what colour it actually is.

The photo, which has gone viral after an Aussie radio station re-surfaced it on Facebook, has sparked endless discussion after some people revealed they see pink and white – while others insist it’s grey and green.

The sneaker pic has gone viral, thanks to an Aussie radio stations posting the pic. Photo: Facebook/99.3 B-Rock FM

The post has sparked over 56,000 comments, and been shared over 11,000 times, with some adamant the colour is the one they see, while others have been left totally stumped when they see both.

“Weird earlier I [saw] teal and grey now I see pink and white hmmm…” commented one on Facebook.

“I see both,” another person agreed. “One minute it’s teal and grey then the next pink and white. Messed up.”

Others have speculated it depends on the lighting you see the photo in.

“I see grey and green and pink and white,” commented one Facebook user. “It all has to do with the lighting on your phone.”

The shoe first shot to fame last October, when Twitter user Chalhoubmark posted two images of the sneaker.

Remember this dress? Do you see gold and white or black and blue? Photo: Tumblr

For those who have forgotten, this is eerily similar to the infamous dress debate that saw people around the world – including Kim Kardashian and Kanye West – debate whether a frock was gold and white, or blue and black.

So what colour sneaker do you see?

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