Snackmasters fans fuming over winner of Hungry Jack's challenge: 'Robbed'

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Poh Ling Yeow’s new show Snackmasters kicked off on Channel Nine last night, however, fans were left fuming with the end result.

Poh, alongside Scott Pickett are the hosts of the new reality show, which challenges accomplished chefs to replicate some of the most famous Australian snacks out there.

Mitch Orr on Snackmasters
Mitch Orr took out the Snackmasters trophy last night. Photo: Channel Nine

Each episode, two chefs will spent three days cracking the snack and then enter the cook-off to see who can get closest to the real deal.

Last night, it was famous pastry chef Anna Polyviou and celebrated chef Mitch Orr’s turn to take to the kitchen, where they were tasked with recreating Hungry Jack’s Angry Whopper burger.

Hungry Jack himself, Jack Cowin, was even on hand to taste their dishes at the end.

However, while Mitch forgot one key component of the burger - the sliced tomato - he still won the competition, earning himself the Snackmaster reputation and taking home the Snack Trophy.


Anna Polyviou on Snackmasters
Anna Polyviou battled it out with Mitch to see who could recreate Hungry Jack's Angry Whopper burger Photo: Channel Nine

There was a bit of upset over the decision online, with people saying Anna should have won, as she didn’t forget anything in the dish.

“Anna was robbed. Mitch outsourced everything and then forgot the tomato. Great show though, enjoyed that,” one person wrote.

“I don’t think @ANNAPOLYVIOU should have lost to Mitch. Forgetting tomato, tough meat and wrong bun was worse than the wrong spice in the onions,” another said.

“So he left out an important ingredient and still won,” a commenter said, while another added: ”What in the male privilege just happened?”

Poh Ling Yeow and Scott Pickett sitting on a car outside Hungry Jack's in Snackmasters
Poh Ling Yeow and Scott Pickett are the hosts of Snackmasters. Photo: Channel Nine

Others couldn’t get over the amount of times Hungry Jack's was mentioned in the episode, with one person saying: “Australia's longest Hungry Jack's Ad.”

The four-part series of Snackmasters also features former Gogglebox star Yvie Jones, who takes viewers on tours of the factories that create the snacks to see what their secrets are.

It’s set to feature some Aussie favourites, such as Twisties, Drumsticks, Whoppers and Cadbury items.

Speaking about the series, MasterChef legend Poh Ling Yeow said she was looking forward to see how the chefs would crack the recipes.

Jack Cowin on Snackmasters
Jack Cowin was on hand to give the zinger burgers a taste test. Photo: Channel Nine

“What excites me about Snackmasters is the show’s appeal to everyone from old to young,” she said.

“These snacks are a part of our Aussie identity and childhood memories, but most importantly this is a fun food show and right now the world needs fun.

“The snack I’d most love to attempt is Twisties because I grew up obsessed with them and they’re the most mysterious. From a competition point of view, Twisties are definitely one of the toughest."

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