Smoked Salt Is The Secret Ingredient Your Tomato Toast Is Missing

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One of the best and simplest ways to enjoy tomatoes while also focusing on their sweet, fresh taste is by loading them up onto a piece of toast. All it takes is some quality bread, a schmear of mayo, and a pinch of salt to let your tomatoes shine. But if you really want to elevate your tomato toast, you should consider swapping out your regular salt for a smoked variety.

Smoked salt is exactly what it sounds like, and it creates a seasoning with a depth of flavor that differs depending on the kind of wood that was used. When sprinkled on top of tomato toast, it heightens the tomato's flavor while also adding a little something extra. The umami-goodness that smoked salt can provide isn't limited to tomato toast, either. Along with improving practically any 'mater dish like a Caprese salad or tomato sandwiches, it can also enhance grilled veggies, soups, and more.

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How To Get Smoked Salt

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There are different varieties of smoked salt available to purchase from online specialty supply stores and Amazon. Each type of smoking wood brings something new to the final product, so consider what kind of taste you're going for when choosing your salt. For example, cherry wood smoked salt would be good for tomato toast since it has sweet, fruity notes that will pair well with the produce.

If you have the equipment and you're feeling industrious, you could also try smoking your own salt. That way, you will have total control over the flavors and level of smokiness. There are a few different methods, but if you have a gas grill and a smoker box or a portable smoke infuser, you can hot-smoke your salt. For the former method, pour an even layer of a coarse salt onto a single-use aluminum pan, and put it in the box for four hours at 275 degrees Fahrenheit. You can smoke the salt for up to a day for a more intense flavor.

Bought or homemade, smoked salt is guaranteed to bring a new depth of flavor to anything you sprinkle it on. However, simple tomato toast might just be the best vehicle to introduce you to this amazing seasoning.

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