What is the sleep hack that will help you drift to sleep in 2 minutes?

The technique is said to work for 96 per cent of people  (Pexels)
The technique is said to work for 96 per cent of people (Pexels)

Almost one in five people in the UK don’t get enough sleep. So this TikTok hack couldn’t have come at a better time.

While 25 per cent of UK adults attribute their difficulty getting to sleep to money problems, 26 per cent cite Covid-19 as negatively impacting their sleep. And 66 per cent of adolescents cite poor sleep as having a negative effect on their mental health.

Women, Black, Asian and other minority ethnic adults are also disproportionately more likely to experience poor sleep due to social inequality.

The sleep method promises to make you drift off to sleep in just two minutes flat. Here’s everything you need to know about the trick.

What is The Military Sleep Method?

According to Justin Agustin, this method is used in the military, where soldiers needed to be able to fall asleep any time, any place, even on the battlefield. The fitness expert has said it will take you six weeks of practice to nail it. His instructions are as follows:

1. First off, take some deep breaths.

2. Next, try to consciously calm down each part of your body, one by one. According to Agustin, you should start by relaxing your forehead muscles before moving on to your eyes, your cheeks, jaw – all while focusing on your breathing.

3. Continue this relaxation process down your body by moving onto your shoulders – “make sure they are not tensed up - drop them as low as you can and keep your arms loose by your side, including your hands and fingers,” says Agustin.

4. Imagine a warm sensation going from the top of your head down to your fingertips, before the warmth then travels from your heart to your toes.

5. Take a deep breath in and slowly exhale, relaxing your stomach, thighs, knees, legs, and feet.

6. Think about one of the following two scenarios: “One – you’re lying in a canoe on a calm lake with nothing but a clear-blue sky above you,” says Agustin. “Two – you’re lying in a black-velvet hammock in a pitch-black room.”

7. He adds: “At any time you start thinking about anything else or start getting distracted, repeat these words for 10 seconds: don’t think.”

His TikTok is now viral, having amassed 917.1K views and 12.1K comments.

And many of the comments vouch for the technique, too. One comment reads: “My mom taught me this and I taught my children. My son has many challenges and this helps him relax and fall asleep quickly, he’s 9.”

Another says: “I didn't know this was a military thing. A college prof told me about this. I fall asleep before I reach my feet.”

But others weren’t so lucky. “After 2 minutes when I am done my brain is like we did it now let celebrate 🎉 😂😢,” one TikToker said.

After all, Agustin does note that the technique will not work for everyone, though it should work for 96 per cent of people, if they persist.

Other TikTokers also documented their experiences:

TikToker @actuallyitsbella spoke about the Military Sleep Method and added some of her own tips, like no work two hours before bed.