Will You Get a Slam Dunk? Test Yourself With These 110 WNBA Trivia Questions and Answers

The number of fans of women's basketball is seemingly at an all-time high. In fact, the 2023 season ended with being the most watched in 21 years. With all of that new excitement, there is bound to be an interest in either learning more information or testing your already-established knowledge. Luckily, you can find out how much you know with these fun WNBA trivia questions and answers.

Women's basketball stars A'ja Wilson, Breanna Stewart and Alyssa Thomas, as well as Caitlin Clark, who was the number one draft pick, are creating tons of excitement with fans. So many talented women are changing the impact of women's sports and viewership is expected to continue to rise. 

If you are a seasoned fan of the WNBA, you'll enjoy testing what you know with this list of 110 WNBA trivia questions and answers. And if you are just joining the bandwagon, this quiz will help you to learn all that you can.

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Best WNBA Trivia Questions and Answers

1. Question: Who are some former WNBA players now on the coaching staffs of their old teams?
Answer: Tammi Reiss, Utah; Janice Braxton, Cleveland; Valerie Still, Washington

2. Question: Who was the first President of the WNBA league?
Answer: Val Ackerman

3. Question: What year was the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) founded?
Answer: 1996

4. Question: Who is the current commissioner of the WNBA?
Answer: Cathy Engelbert

5. Question: How many teams are currently in the WNBA as of the 2024 season?
Answer: 12

6. Question: Which team does Brittney Griner play for?
Answer: The Phoenix Mercury

7. Question: What year did the WNBA begin its first season?
Answer: 1997

8. Question: Where was the first WNBA game played?
Answer: Los Angeles

9. Question: What was the collection of the 25 greatest and most influential players in WNBA history that celebrated the league's 25th season in 2021 called?
Answer: W25

10. Question: How many seasons does the WNBA celebrate in 2024?
Answer: 28

11. Question: Who was awarded MVP in both 2018 and 2023?
Answer: Breanna Stewart

12. Question: Who set the league record for most points in a single WNBA game with 53 points?
Answer: Liz Cambage

13. Question: What is the annual in-season competition that features all twelve of the league's teams?
Answer: The Commissioner's Cup

14. Question: When was the WNBA’s first-ever All-Star Game held?
Answer: 1999

15. Question: Which WNBA partner is working to provide mentorship for the next generation of athletes?
Answer: Voice In Sport

16. Question: Beginning with the 2026 season, which country will be awarded the first expansion team outside of the U.S.?
Answer: Canada - Toronto

17. Question: What is the name of the in-season tournament introduced by the WNBA in 2021?
Answer: The Commissioner’s Cup

18. Question: Which college or university has the most players in the WNBA?
Answer: Stanford

19. Question: What is the prize pool awarded to the winning team of the Commissioner’s Cup?
Answer: $500,000

20. Question: Who was the coach of the year for three consecutive years?
Answer: Van Chancellor, Houston Comets

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Trivia Questions About WNBA Finals

21. Question: When do the playoff games begin for the 2024 season?
Answer: September 22

22. Question: What is the last possible date for the 2024 WNBA Finals?
Answer: October 20

23. Question: What team is expected to win the championship in 2024?
Answer: Las Vegas Aces

24. Question: How many games are in the WNBA finals?
Answer: 5

25. Question: Who won the WNBA finals in both 2022 and 2023?
Answer: Las Vegas Aces

26. Question: Who was the MVP for the 2023 finals?
Answer: A'ja Wilson

27. Question: How many of the 12 WNBA teams qualify for the post-season playoffs?
Answer: 8

28. Question: What does the winning team of the finals receive?
Answer: The WNBA Championship Trophy

29. Question: Who is the only player ever to win four consecutive Finals MVP awards?
Answer: Cynthia Cooper, Houston Comets

30. Question: Which year did the WNBA announce changes to the playoff format, where the top eight teams can be from either conference?
Answer: 2016

31. Question: Who had final possession of the ball in the 2023 finals?
Answer: Courtney Vandersloot

32. Question: Why couldn't Ace's players Chelsea Gray and Kiah Stokes play in the 2023 finals?
Answer: They both had foot injuries

33. Question: Who did the Las Vegas Aces play against in the 2023 championship game?
Answer: New York Liberty

34. Question: Who gets homecourt advantage in the WNBA championship?
Answer: The team with the best record in cup play.

35. Question: Who gets to host the majority of the games in the WNBA finals?
Answer: The top-seeded team hosts games 1, 2 and 5 and the second-seeded team hosts games 3 and 4.

Quiz Questions and Answers About WNBA Teams

36. Question: Which WNBA team won four championships in a row from 1997-2000?
Answers: Houston Comets

37. Question: How many teams played in the WNBA in its first season in 1997?
Answer: 8

38. Question: How many consecutive championships did the Houston Comets win since 1997?
Answer: 4

39. Question: Which team has won the most WNBA championships as of 2024?
Answer: The Houston Comets, Minnesota Lynx, and Seattle Storm tie with four championships each.

40. Question: Which WNBA team shares an arena with the Brooklyn Nets?
Answer: New York Liberty

41. Question: Who won the WNBA championship in 2023?
Answer: Las Vegas Aces

42. Question: What team will join the WNBA as the 13th team in 2025?
Answer: San Francisco Valkyries

43. Question: Which team was the first WNBA team to be invited to the White House Rose Garden?
Answer: Houston Comets

44. Question: Which coach was the first to earn both NBA and WNBA championship rings?
Answer: Paul Westhead

45. Question: What year did the Atlanta Dream first play their regular season game?
Answer: 2008

46. Question: What teams play in the Commissioner’s Cup Championship game?
Answer: The team in each conference that has the best record from the Commissioner’s Cup Tournament.

47. Question: Who was the legendary women's basketball coach who was also the first coach of the Los Angeles Sparks?
Answer: Linda Sharp

48. Question: Which was the first team to go from having the worst record in the league (9-23 in 2002) to champions the following season?
Answer: Detroit Shock

49. Question: Which team won their first WNBA Championship in 2021?
Answer: Chicago Sky

50. Question: Who won coach of the year in 2023?
Answer: Stephanie White, Connecticut Sun

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Trivia Questions and Answers About WNBA Players

51. Question: Who recorded the first assist in WNBA history?
Answer: Jamila Wideman

52. Question: Which former WNBA players are the tallest female identical twins in the world?
Answer: Heidi and Heather Burge

53. Question: Which WNBA player was the 1999 Colonial Athletic Association's Player of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year?
Answer: Mery Andrade from Old Dominion University

54. Question: Which WNBA player is the ACC's all-time leader in blocked shots?
Answer: DeMya Walker from the University of Virginia

55. Question: Which WNBA player was the first to be named an All-American in both volleyball and basketball in college?
Answer: Natalie Williams

56. Question: What college did Nicole Powell play for?
Answer: Stanford

57. Question: Who scored the first field goal in the WNBA's History?
Answer: Penny Toler

58. Question: Who was the first international member of the Sparks?
Answer: Haixia Zheng

59. Question: Who scored the first point in WNBA history?
Answer: Penny Toler

60. Question: Which WNBA player is the first to have three regular-season MVP awards?
Answer: Sheryl Swoopes

61. Question: Who was the first player signed to the WNBA?
Answer: Sheryl Swoopes

62. Question: Who was the first player to dunk in a WNBA game?
Answer: Lisa Leslie

63. Question: Which WNBA player has the record for the most career points?
Answer: Diana Taurasi

64. Question: Which player won Rookie of the Year in 2001?
Answer: Jackie Stiles

65. Question: Which former WNBA players are the only players to come from Idaho?
Answer: Heather Owen, Andrea Lloyd Curry and Corrisa Yasen

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Trivia Questions and Answers About WNBA Team Owners

66. Question: How many WNBA team owners are retired WNBA players?
Answer: 3, Sue Bird - Seattle Storm, Lisa Leslie - Los Angeles Sparks and Renee Montgomery - Atlanta Dream

67. Question: Who owns Chicago Sky?
Answer: Michael Alter

68. Question: Who became the first non-NBA owner in WNBA history?
Answer: The Mohegan Tribal Gaming Association - Connecticut Sun

69. Question: Who owns the Dallas Wings?
Answer: Bill Cameron

70. Question: Who does the Indian Fever owner, Herb Simon, plan to leave his team to upon his death?
Answer: His son

71. Question: Who owns the Las Vegas Aces?
Answer: Mark Davis

72. Question: What group owns the Los Angeles Sparks?
Answer: Investment group led by Los Angeles Dodgers controlling owner Mark Walter, Magic Johnson, Todd Boehly, Robert Patton and Stan Kasten.

73. Question: Who was the Minnesota Lynx sold to in 2022?
Answer: Marc Lore and Alex Rodriguez

74. Question: Who owns the New York Liberty?
Answer: Joe Tsai

75. Question: Who owns the Phoenix Mercury?
Answer: Robert Sarver

76. Question: Who is the only African-American woman to own three professional sports teams, including the Washington Mystics?
Answer: Sheila Johnson

77. Question: Who owns 50% of the WNBA?
Answer: The NBA

78. Question: Who are the three owners of the Atlanta Dream?
Answer: Larry Gottesdiener, Suzanne Abair and Renee Montgomery

79. Question: What is the name of the ownership group of the Seattle Storm which is made up of owners Dawn Trudeau, Ginny Gilder and Lisa Brummel?
Answer: Force 10 Hoops

80. Question: What other basketball team does Herb Simon own besides the Indiana Fever?
Answer: The Indiana Pacers

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Trivia Questions and Answers About NBA Basketball Rules and Regulations

81. Question: In the WNBA, how long is each quarter in a game?
Answer: 10 minutes

82. Question: How many games do WNBA teams play in a regular season?
Answer: 40

83. Question: What year did the WNBA reduce the shot clock from 30 seconds to 24 seconds?
Answer: 2006

84. Question: How many players does each team have to have in a game?
Answer: 5

85. Question: What rule was introduced to the WNBA in 2007?
Answer: 8-second backcourt violation

86. Question: How long is the 2024 WNBA season?
Answer: 4 months, May 14 - September 19

87. Question: How many games are played in the 2024 season?
Answer: 40 for each team

88. Question: How long are the quarters in a game?
Answer: 10 minutes

89. Question: How many players are on a WNBA roster?
Answer: A minimum of 11 and a maximum of 12

90. Question: What are the measurements of the court?
Answer: Just like the NBA, rims in the WNBA hang 10 feet from the floor, sitting on opposite ends of a court that’s 50 feet wide and 94 feet long

91. Question: What is the size of the basketball?
Answer: It has a circumference between 28.5 and 29 inches and has a pressure between 7.5 and 8.6 pounds

92. Question: How many feet from the rim is the free throw line?
Answer: 15 feet

93. Question: How is the draft lottery determined?
Answer: The draft lottery is comprised of the four teams that did not make the playoffs.

94. Question: Who is eligible to be drafted?
Answer: Draft entrants must be at least 22 years old during the year in which the draft takes place and have no remaining college eligibility or renounce any future college eligibility

95. Question: How often is there a WNBA draft?
Answer: Once a year

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Basketball Trivia Questions and Answers

96. Question: What do WNBA players do in the off-season?
Answer: Many continue to play basketball in other countries like China, Russia, Israel or Italy

97. Question: How long are overtime periods in the WNBA?
Answer: 5 minutes

98. Question: How long will the WNBA take a break during the 2024 season?
Answer: One month for the Olympics

99. Question: Does the WNBA use the same size basketball as the NBA?
Answer: No, the size is slightly smaller (a size 6 instead of 7)

100. Question: What color is the WNBA's basketball?
Answer: Orange and white

101. Question: Which WNBA player has her own signature Nike shoe, the Air Swoopes?
Answer: Sheryl Swoopes

102. Question: Which WNBA championship winner also won two Olympic gold medals?
Answer: Lisa Leslie

103. Question: What WNBA player was the first to play her college coach in a WNBA game?
Answer: Candice Dupree

104. Question: Who was the WNBA created by?
Answer: The NBA board of governors

105. Question: Who invented the game of basketball?
Answer: James Naismith

106. Question: Is women's basketball broken into two 20-minute halves like men's basketball?
Answer: No, women's basketball has four 10-minute quarters

107. Question: How long is halftime?
Answer: 15 minutes

108. Question: What year was basketball invented?
Answer: 1891

109. Question: What does WNBA stand for?
Answer: Women's National Basketball Association

110. Question: How many points are earned with a free throw?
Answer: Three

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