Size 16 model in tears over response to viral bikini ad

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Irina Drézi is empowering women with her body-positive modelling. Photo: Instagram/irenadrezi

A model has been left in tears after swimwear giant Pretty Little Thing posted a photo of her rocking one of their two piece swimming costumes to their Instagram page.

Irena Drézi is a size 16 model hailing from Ireland and boasting almost 150k followers.

Loved for her curvy looks and filter-free approach to the social media platform, Irena was picked to model a tiny black bikini for Pretty Little Thing swimwear.

The unedited image was posted to the retailer’s page and instantly drew attention racking up over 100k likes, and prompting more than 1000 comments.

Those comments, the model said, left her in floods of tears not because of the trolling typically on display online, but because of an outpouring of appreciation and support.

“It actually made me cry. All these girls were messaging me, telling me their stories,” the model told The Sun.

A powerful message

The 22-year-old spent part of her childhood in a refugee camp, and her family sought asylum in Ireland where she eventually grew up.

She’s now built a platform which is helping other women embrace their natural size.

“They think of me and they go out in tops that are sleeveless and they don't care about showing their arms anymore,” she said.

"And it really makes me feel like I am helping someone.”

The model was raised in a refugee camp before moving to Ireland. Photo: Instagram/irenadrezi

The comments would seem to agree.

“Love the fact you are showing and promoting a real unedited woman,” one fan wrote.

“It isn't her body that's prettiest here... it’s her confidence,” another wrote.

“More of this please,” another pleaded.

Irena joins an ever-growing movement encouraging women to embrace their natural bodies, and reject editing.

Recently a woman who was fat shamed on Tinder got the last laugh after sharing the offensive messages online.

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