Sisters left horrified after accidentally opening parent’s X-rated love letters

Allison Yee
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It was the heartbreaking find that saw a group of sisters uncover what they thought were romantic letters from their late mum to their dad while he was away working in London in the 1960’s.

Instead, Twitter is having a field day after one of the women posted about what was really in those letters – and how traumatised she was after opening them.

She thought they were romantic love letters, but one Twitter user was left shocked after opening graphic notes between her parents. Photo: Getty

Twitter user Morven from Scotland explained how she and her sisters decided to sit down and read the letters together as a way of remembering their mum.

What happened next horrified them all.

“After my Mum died we found letters, tied in a bow from my Dad from when he worked away in London in the 60’s,” she tweeted.

“My crying sisters and I held hands, opened one and the whole thing was about how much he missed shagging her, apparently a bit of a goer. Didn’t read the rest.”

With the tweet going viral with over 90,000 likes, one commenter tried to see the bright side to the situation saying at least her parents loved each other.

Morven agreed – but also could have done without the graphic details.

“We already knew they were in love and all that but seeing sexual acts that your Mum has performed on your Dad written down is another kettle of fish,” she tweeted.

The tweet has seen others share hilariously awkward accounts of accidentally finding out exactly how passionate their parents and grandparents’ relationships were as well.

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