Can you spot this epic Simpsons fail?

Rebekah Scanlan
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

An executive producer on The Simpsons has just shared a fail from an old episode of the cartoon — and boy it’s a biggie!

Mat Selman posted an image from season six of the now iconic TV show, in which a very pregnant Marge tells Homer that they’re going to have their third baby, Maggie.

But can you see what’s wrong with the scene, taken from inside the super recognisable home in Springfield?

That’s right, Marge is pregnant in the scene but behind them on the wall is framed photograph of their youngest in her signature blue babygro.


The episode titled ‘And Maggie Makes Three’, aired way back in 1995, and until now no one had noticed the glaring error.

But thanks to the modern world of social media and Mat’s beady eyes, it has now been shared for all to see.

Naturally, Twitter erupted over the gaff, with the shows longest standing writer Al Jean even joking everyone was “fired”.

But others suggested there was no mistake, that the photo was in fact a picture of Lisa as a baby (but we’re not convinced).

Earlier this year writer Mike Reiss spilled all on some of the biggest Simpsons mysteries, that have bothered fans for the last 30 years in his new book.

Not only did he explain why the characters are yellow, he also dished on the celebs that have refused to do cameos.

There are currently 639 episodes of the classic cartoon across 28 seasons, with season 29 and 30 getting commissioned back in 2016.

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