The Simple Way To Make Your Own Toasted Marshmallow Syrup At Home

drink garnished with marshmallows
drink garnished with marshmallows - scozma85/Shutterstock

If you have mastered the art of toasting golden marshmallows and find yourself craving the taste even on days when there is no fire roaring, we have a brilliant solution. Toasted marshmallow syrup may sound like something out of a fever dream, but the syrup can be drizzled on top of stacks of French toast and used in your next frozen coffee beverage. With the subtle taste of burnt, caramelized sugar and flavors reminiscent of s'mores, toasted marshmallow syrup is a simple reminder that roasted marshmallows aren't just for the campsite. Instead of relying on simple syrup to make drinks, toasted marshmallow syrup offers a more flavorful addition to the food and drink recipes you whip up in your kitchen.

The simplest strategy for making this delicacy is to melt toasted marshmallows until they are reduced to a basic simple syrup. Any remaining chunks of burnt marshmallows can be strained out so you have a caramel-hued syrup to use as you please.

For a sweeter taste, you can first simmer granulated sugar and water to make a simple syrup then add mini toasted marshmallows. You'll whisk this concoction together until blended smooth and let the mixture cool. After straining any leftover debris from your creation, enhance your marshmallow syrup with extracts like vanilla, coffee, or butterscotch and a quick sprinkle of salt to turn up the dials of flavor.

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Your Go-To Maple Syrup Has Serious Competition

syrup in jar
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From adding a finishing drizzle to the top of ultimate fudgy brownies to splashing the syrup into your next batch of jazzed-up Rice Krispies treats, you may want to make more of this syrup than what you think you'll need. This beauty of a flavor enhancer can be kept in your fridge for close to two weeks so you have an easy taste of summer to sneak into your recipes.

If you can't be bothered to make it for yourself, you can purchase a pre-made syrup made from cane sugar and flavorings. Instead of using maple syrup, you can swap it for marshmallow syrup. Stir the syrup directly into your morning coffee or use it to whip up a latte that could rival your favorite Starbucks order. Since the sugary taste is balanced out by the smoky, fiery flavor you love from toasted marshmallows, you can let loose and go wild with how you use this syrup.

Milkshakes and hot chocolate can take on new dimensions with the addition of marshmallow syrup, use it in your next no-churn homemade ice cream, or sneak the syrup into layers of your next chocolate layer cake. This is a treat that will go quickly once it is stocked in your kitchen.

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