The Simple Way To Keep Your Kitchen Scale Looking Brand New

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If you like to cook with as much precision as possible, you most likely own a kitchen scale. Traditionally, kitchen scales are used for heightened accuracy, converting weights and measurements, and streamlining meal preparation. Instead of using multiple measuring cups and spoons, add the necessary ingredients to a designated bowl or plate atop your leveled scale, taring between each measurement. However, if you use your kitchen scale regularly to make a two-layer chocolate cake or to portion daily meals, keeping it clean and free from harmful bacteria may be time-consuming. While you can always use mild soap and a warm, moist cloth to keep your scale pristine after each use, there is a much easier way.

If you're hoping to avoid intensive cleaning sessions every time you bust out your kitchen scale, grab some plastic wrap. With a bit of prep, you can stop worrying about dropping food on your scale and creating a breeding ground for bacteria. Before each use, place a large enough piece of plastic wrap over your scale and tare accordingly. No matter how many bowls, plates, or ingredients you place onto your scale, once you've finished cooking, all you need to do is remove the plastic wrap and bin it for easy cleanup. While using this material is a simple, short-term solution for keeping your scale clean, loose plastic wrap may pose some challenges. Luckily, there are other ways to keep this appliance clear of food messes.

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There Is More Than One Reliable Way To Keep Your Kitchen Scale Clean

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While plastic wrap may be a quick solution, this flimsy material may not be the most reliable. Unfortunately, there is no definitive way to keep a loose sheet of plastic wrap from slipping and sliding around while covering your scale. Additionally, you'll likely need to use a new sheet every time you bust out this handy appliance. For a more reusable option that effectively safeguards your kitchen scale from all sorts of food residue, use a resealable plastic bag. If your scale is on the larger side, opt for a gallon-sized plastic bag. Simply place your scale inside your bag of choice and squeeze out all excess air. Plastic bags prove to not only be convenient but durable. Keep your scale stored in the same bag until you need to swap for a new one.

Alternatively, plastic reusable food covers also work. The elasticated edging keeps food covers in place while safeguarding your scale from crumbs and other leftover food bits. Food covers are also easy to take on and off. Not effectively keeping this appliance clean is a common mistake when using a kitchen scale. A clean scale will last longer while avoiding food contamination and preventing illness. Luckily, with a resealable plastic bag, bowl cover, or sheet of plastic wrap, you can successfully keep your kitchen scale mess-free.

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