This simple potty hack makes public bathrooms less scary for toddlers

This potty hack might be the perfect trick to get toddlers to use public bathrooms.

Big Little Feelings is run by “toddler experts” who help parents navigate raising children 1 to 6 years old. Sometimes children can react to things differently than adults, and we don’t know why. Apparently, there’s a reason why public toilets are scary for kids, and there’s also a solution!

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Toddler terrified of public restrooms? Try this potty hack. Bring large stickers to put over the sensor!” the caption stated.

Big Little Feelings explained that new sounds, like the automatic flusher, can be scary for children. So placing something fun and welcoming over the sensor can make going to the potty more inviting while also deactivating it. If your kiddo is still struggling, let them pick the sticker.

“Giving them a choice makes them feel POWERFUL and part of the process, rather than just orders being barked at them,” the caption explained.

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“Yes! We traveled with sticky notes,” a person replied.

“Thank you for sharing!! I didn’t know it’s a common problem. I thought we were the only ones encountering this problem,” another said.

” I grew up genuinely scared of automatically flushing toilets until I was probably in middle or high school!” someone shared.

“Wish I knew about this a couple years ago!! Genius!” a user wrote.

“We did this at Disney and it was a game changer!” an Instagrammer stated.

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