Simone Callahan shares heartbreak over split with Shane Warne following affairs

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Shane Warne has opened up about his marriage breakdown in the new Amazon Prime documentary Shane, with the 52-year-old speaking of the moment in 2005 when he was caught cheating on wife Simone Callahan with multiple women.

The cricket star admitted to drowning his sorrows alone in a hotel room, drinking until he was "crying on the floor" after his family fled England in the wake of his numerous sex scandals.

Simone Callahan and Shane Warne
Simone Callahan has opened up about the humiliation she suffered after finding out about Shane Warne's numerous affairs. Photo: Getty

Simone also appears in the documentary, sharing her side of the story and revealing the heartbreak she endured after landing in the UK to find stories of Shane's affairs all over the newspapers.

She had flown over with the pair's three children Brooke, now 24, Jackson, now 22, and Summer now 19, and had planned to "set up a life in England" after uprooting their lives in Australia to do so.


"Unfortunately there was a story that broke of me with two women just before they landed... Simone read that story," Shane tells the cameras.

Speaking of the scandals, Simone said, "It was a succession of papers of, 'Shane's with this one, Shane's with that one, Shane's with this one, Shane's with that one,' and that was pretty much the first week when I was in England with the kids and my life was pretty much turned on its head."

"I mean, it was heartbreaking, of course," she added. "I just didn't want to be in England, I had to come home, so I think it wasn't even a two-week turnaround before I came back to Australia."

Shane Warne and Simone Callahan in 1995
Shane and Simone in 1995, the year they were married. Photo: Getty

At the time, Shane confessed to the affairs, saying he "gave into temptation, gave into opportunity".

Shane and Simone's daughter Brooke also tells the cameras through tears of her heartbreak over the situation, "That was the first time I'd seen Dad in a bad light, horrible. Just like my whole image of him had been, like, broken."

Shane admitted that after his family left he would go to his hotel room and "raid the minibar" and sit alone drinking.

"[I'd be] in my hotel room, crying on the floor... Just berating myself for some of the things I did," he said.

Shane Warne with his three children
Shane with his three children Brooke, now 24, Jackson, now 22, and Summer now 19, who he shares with Simone. Photo: Getty

Speaking of earlier in their relationship, Shane said, "We were happy, we were in love. There was no drama, there was no high maintenance, everything was really easy."

Shane faced numerous sex scandals during his marriage to Simone, who was married to from 1995 to 2005.

The pair briefly reconciled after their divorce but split in 2010 for good.

Later, Shane became engaged to actress Elizabeth Hurley, but they split in late 2013.

The sportsman added elsewhere in the documentary that he wouldn't go back and change any of it, "I like loud music, I smoked, I drank, I bowled a bit of leg spin, that's me. I don't have any regrets."

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