MyKayla Skinner Apologized For Her Controversial Comments About The 2024 Olympics U.S. Gymnastics Team, And Simone Biles Seemingly Responded

This is MyKayla Skinner. She competed at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo as part of the U.S. Gymnastics team.

Closeup of MyKayla Skinner
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Another, much more notable U.S. Gymnastics team member is Simone Biles, who is also set to compete as part of this summer's Olympics in Paris.

Simone Biles stands in a gymnastics arena wearing a sparkly leotard and holding a jacket, with an event official nearby
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So, MyKayla recently uploaded a YouTube video that's since been deleted, where she made disparaging comments about the current U.S. Gymnastics team — as well as the nonprofit organization U.S. Center for SafeSport, which aims to end abusive practices within the world of athletics.

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"Besides Simone, I feel like the talent and the depth just isn't like what it used to be," she said in the video. "The girls just don't have the work ethic."

MyKayla Skinner holds her silver Olympic medal while smiling in front of an Olympic rings backdrop. She is wearing a Team USA tracksuit
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MyKayla went on to criticize SafeSport, saying they make it "hard" because "coaches can't get on athletes and they have to be really careful what they say."

MyKayla Skinner smiles and holds her silver medal on the podium at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. She is wearing a white athletic jacket and holding a bouquet of flowers

"Which, in some ways, is really good," she noted, "but at the same time, to get to where you need to be in gymnastics you do have to be, I feel like, a little aggressive and a little intense."

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MyKayla's comments were, on many levels, as stupid as it gets — and her attempt to clarify and apologize for what she said wasn't much better.

Gymnast in a leotard performs on the vault at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, with arms raised and a confident smile
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"Hey, guys, just wanted to pop on here really quick, because I know we did the recap on YouTube, and I feel like a lot of you guys had misinterpreted or misunderstood exactly what I was meaning or had said," she commented in a since-expired IG story slide (via Entertainment Tonight).

Female gymnast posing with arms raised in a leotard emblazoned "USA," likely celebrating a performance
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She went on to say that "a lot of the stuff" she said "wasn't always necessarily about the current team, because I love and support all the girls that made it and I'm so proud of them."

A gymnast raises her arms after a routine in an empty arena, wearing a sparkly leotard with a pattern on the front
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"So anyway, sorry for anything that got out of context or seemed hurtful. That is never my intention. And seriously, throughout the video, I was so pumped for the girls, and it was fun watching trials and doing a live with everybody."

MyKayla Skinner is seen in a sparkly gymnastics leotard with arms raised, preparing for a routine
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MyKayla's wishy-washy statement didn't do much to quell those who were upset by her comments — including her former teammate Simone, who appeared to weigh in on (get ready for this) Threads. (Threads!)

Simone Biles makes a peace sign and puckers her lips in front of a large crowd at an indoor event
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"Not everyone needs a mic and a platform," she wrote. That's real.

Simone Biles and another gymnast stand back-to-back, each smiling and wearing sparkly leotards
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Will MyKayla issue another response as the criticism mounts? We'll see!