The 'murder scene' cleaning fail terrifying Facebook

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A mum has taken to Facebook with a cleaning fail that has left the online cooking and cleaning community horrified.

Sydney woman Fiona got the fright of her life when a shower scrub-down went terribly wrong.

After slaving away over a client’s bathroom’s patterned tiles in hopes of leaving them sparkling clean, Fiona was gobsmacked to discover a creepy stain stretching across her formerly beige walls.

Fiona's shower as it once was. Photo: Supplied
Fiona's shower as it once was. Photo: Supplied

No longer beige in colour or interest-factor, the walls now sported a startling, rust-coloured substance that even the most sceptical onlooker could hardly help but find deeply suspect.

Posting to a mum’s cleaning group, a terrified Fiona begged for help from the community.

“Help!” Fiona wrote alongside snaps of her shower before and after the incident.

“I cleaned the tiles in the shower with the same products I always use and now it looks like this.”

The aftermath of whatever the hell went wrong. Photo: Supplied
The aftermath of whatever the hell went wrong. Photo: Supplied

A flurry of advice from Facebook users

The freaky photo raised goosebumps galore, with the post attracting almost 500 comments, and over 300 likes.

While some did indeed help the mum with mature, scientific explanations, the majority couldn’t help but let their imaginations run a little wild.

“Looks like a crime scene!” one blurted out.

“What the hell is this sorcery?” another wondered.

Some did manage to impart advice for removing the stains, although we’re willing to bet they weren’t the most effective recommendations.

“Tape up plastic before chainsawing up the body next time,” one wrote.

“I think your shower needs Jesus!” another woman suggested. “Look at all the creepy faces in the patterns.”

Some users could spot faces in the stains. Photo: Supplied
Some users could spot faces in the stains. Photo: Supplied

The real explanation

Of course behind the bone-chilling first impression, some managed to find normal (and boring) explanations for the hellish stains.

Many suggested the marks had, in fact, come from the woman’s shower water.

“It’s rust from your water,” one woman wrote.

Others suggested the cleaning product may have reacted to soap scum on the walls.

Another argued the stains came from using bleach.

A consensus was never reached, and to our knowledge, the stains remain.

The overarching agreement seemed to be that dark forces of some kind were at work, be they spirits or mould.

The most popular solution by far was a drastic, but undeniably effective one.

“Your shower is possessed!” the comment read. “Burn the house down!”

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