Shopper's odd find in online order revealed to be 'best invention ever'

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It’s always an added bonus when you receive a free gift with purchase, especially when you don’t know it’s coming.

But one woman has made an odd discovery after receiving a strange product added to her online linen order.

Posting to a popular cleaning page, the perplexed woman said her daughter ordered new linen from popular homewares store Luxo Living.

But wrapped up with her package was a strange addition to her order.

“It’s not really a cleaning question but my daughter bought a quilt set from Luxo Living and these came with it. Does anyone know what they are?” She wrote alongside an image of two thin, long plastic clips.

Green and Bblue chip bag sealers
The shopper was confused when she found these included with her new quilt. Source: Facebook.

She went on to say that she was close to throwing the unusual item away before deciding to post in the group to try and get some answers.

What are they?

Thankfully, the internet had the answer she was looking for, with dozens of people commenting revealing exactly what they are.

“They’re chip bag sealers! They’re fantastic! I dont have any since I’ve moved out of home but you fold your chip packet or food bags and slip them in!” One person said.

“They are awesome packet sealers. If you have a leftover packet of chips/pasta whatever - seal the pack for another day. Work really well,” confirmed another.

chip bag sealers on chips and tortillas
Group members shared how they use their bag sealers. Source: Facebook

But if you’re wondering why on earth a bag sealer would be included in a linen order, you’re not alone.

Dozens of puzzled people flooded the post asking what a chip bag sealer has to do with a quilt cover.

“I’m just confused why chip bag sealers would come free with a quilt that’s weird to me,” one person wrote, with others agreeing that the free gift seemed strange to be included with a quilt set.

“The best invention! Weird to come with a quilt cover but super handy in the kitchen!” added another.


'This is life-changing'

However, it was quickly revealed that these multi-purpose handy little sticks can also be used on bed linen, particularly for getting quilt covers over a quilt.

One woman explained the absolutely life-changing hack, detailing step by step how to do it.

“While you can use them to seal chip bags, you can also use them to clip the quilt cover corner to the quilt so it’s easier to insert the quilt,” one woman revealed.

She went on to say that the clips make the job of changing the sheets much easier.

“If you insert the corners of the quilt (opposite the opening) and secure the corner and cover with the bag sealer when you insert the bottom corners and shake it all out, the quilt is covered.

“Then you just close the quilt and undo the clips.”

The Luxo Living site, however, advertises the gadget as a Kitchen Sealing Stick Reusable Clip Bag Sealer and retails for $6.95 for a pack of 10.

Luxo Living Kitchen Sealing Stick Reusable Clip Bag Sealer
Luxo Living sells the sticks in packs of 6 or 10. Source: Luxo Living.

'Best invention ever!'

Who knew this was actually a thing!? Her revelation left group members shocked with some saying they had no idea they could be used on linen.

“This could be the game changer I’ve been searching for!!!” one person said, while others commented saying that they usually use pegs to do the same thing, but these seemed “sturdier”.

But no matter how people chose to use them, the consensus amongst the group was that they are “the best invention ever!”

“They are called grip sticks they are the best thing ever,” added one happy customer.

So it turns out these little gadgets are just as handy in the kitchen as they are in the bedroom! If you want to try out the hack yourself, you can pick up a 24 pack on Amazon for $23.69.

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