How this shopper saved $669 on luxe furniture buy: 'What a deal'

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A brown wood coffee table with a clearance sign at Super Amart furniture store
A shopper made an incredible find at the furniture store, Super Amart. Photo: Facebook.

Nothing beats scoring a huge bargain buy, particularly on big-ticket items. So when one savvy shopper picked up a coffee table for more than 95 percent off, she of course had to share it.

Taking to a popular bargain hunter’s Facebook page, the woman shared her incredible find at the furniture store Super Amart.

“Right place at the right time,” she wrote alongside a picture of the modern coffee table with a sale price tag of $699 drastically marked down further to just $30.

And while Super Amart is known for its affordable furniture range, this customer was certainly not expecting to score such an impressive saving.

“They had a section at the back with clearance things there was a couch a dining table an outside dining set all heavily-reduced if you zoom in on the price tag it says the coffee table had scratches etc nothing too bad though,” she explained when asked how she found such an impressive saving.


Amart furniture
The popular Tangier Coffee Table currently appears to be out of stock online.

While the table did have some small scratch and scuff marks, the offer was too good to pass up.

“For a $670 savings I will happily give it a wipe,” the happy shopper wrote on her post which attracted more than 1.9K likes.

Others agreed and congratulated her on the “great buy” with one person saying: “I would have carried it home at that price!”

The seemingly popular item is currently sold out online and was once sold in stores for an original price of $759.

The stylish coffee table features two soft-close storage drawers with velvet inlay and brushed silver handles.

Was it a one-off?

While these huge markdowns are uncommon, particularly on furniture items, they are possible to find.

Her post received dozens of comments from fellow bargain hunters who shared their own shopping success stories.

“One customer was coming in for months buying these fancy dining chairs for $10- $20 floor stock as is. The chairs were $180 each or more,” a former Super Amart employee shared.

“We got a TV stand a few years ago, $700 down to $100 from the back of the store as well. Great bargain! I wouldn’t even know where the scratches were now,” added another.

“I scored a square table a few years back it was $699 and got it for $60 as when they pulled the sticker of it; it left a 20 cent mark on it, it's very heavy and solid and I use it as my craft table,” shared a third.

Amart bedroom setting
The discounted coffee table is part of the Tangier range currently on sale at Super Amart. Source: Super Amart.

How to bag a similar bargain

For those looking to score huge markdowns on furniture, Super Amart certainly looks like the right place to start.

Other shoppers agreed that the store is known for heavily reducing prices of stock they no longer need.

“Amart does some amazing markdowns on 2nds, floor models and returns,” one person said.

“Super Amart Oxley and also Logan central used to have an ‘as is’ section of markdowns - I used to work there years ago and haven’t been to a super Amart in along time so unsure if they still do this or not,” another person added.

Apart from checking the markdown section, another savvy customer said she has another simple method - just ask!

"Every time my partner and I are buying furniture we always ask if they have any items that have been damaged/marked down. We always get bargains and it’s always only small stuff like a scratch in the glass or a chip in the corner," she said.

Apart from the incredible saving, others suggested she might even be able to make money off the item by giving it a “quick flip” and reselling it for more.

So apart from being in the right place at the right time, it also pays to check the clearance section at your local store and ask whether they have any damaged stock on sale.

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