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My boyfriend used this $10 spray to stretch out his too-small leather loafers, and it actually worked

I’ve definitely been guilty of buying a pair of shoes and thinking they fit, but after one wear I decide that they’re too tight. I can’t take them back, so they end up just sitting in the back of my closet for a few years. It’s such a waste.

My boyfriend does it more often with his work shoes. In particular, one pair of leather loafers was “really vexing” him (his words, not mine). He tried wearing them to the office and came back home with Band-Aids all over his feet — he even tried breaking them in first by wearing them around our apartment. After finally admitting that they were too small, he went on Amazon and purchased this $10 shoe stretching spray.

Personally, I doubted the spray would really stretch them. But lo and behold, it worked!

More than 19,000 Amazon shoppers give the FOOTMATTERS Professional Boot & Shoe Stretch Spray a five-star rating. It goes on clear, so it won’t discolor your shoes, and you can use it on leather, suede and canvas. The instructions say to spray it on the inside and outside of your shoes, then put on a thick pair of socks and wear your shoes around until the spray dries. You can repeat these steps as necessary to give your shoes a gentle stretch.

Of course, wearing too-tight shoes with thick socks is probably going to be uncomfortable, so my boyfriend sprayed his shoes, then inserted these $20 shoe stretchers from Amazon and left them in overnight.

When he put his shoes back on, he said he could feel the difference. They felt looser and overall more comfortable. In fact, he wore the shoes that night with no discomfort. However, they didn’t look any different. There weren’t any stretch marks or wrinkles on them.

Now I’m going to use the spray to stretch out a pair of pointed-toe heels and a pair of sneakers that I thought I’d never wear again. In the long run, the spray can save you the money you might have spent buying another pair of shoes, and from getting some nasty blisters — both wins in my book.

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