Shocking video of Louis Walsh groping Mel B live on air

Mike P Williams

A shocking video has resurfaced online of ex-X Factor judge Louis Walsh groping Mel B on live television.

The clip, from a 2014 interview on the reality show’s spin-off The Xtra Factor, shows Louis being interviewed alongside fellow judges at the time Mel B, Simon Cowell, and Cheryl.

Things appear to be normal as the foursome chat about the show, but when you look closely you can clearly spot Louis’ hand firmly grabbing the former Spice Girl’s bottom.

As the interview continues, Mel appears more and more uncomfortable and when the Irish judge begins to squeeze her bum cheek, she promptly stops the interview to make a point of what he’s doing.

Louis’ hand was on Mel B’s bottom during the interview. Photo: ITV

“Why are you grabbing my butt,” she asks him.

And even then, when Mel looks down to point out out his wandering hand, he keeps it there until suddenly he jokes: “I’m looking out for you!”

The extremely awkward moment is laughed off, but a horrified Simon Cowell glances over and utters: “Honestly, you’re safe”, to which Louis then bursts out laughing.

Mel B was not impressed. Photo: ITV

Cheryl’s face is, like Simon’s, mortified and she isn’t laughing along with Louis, as the show’s host quickly carries on as if nothing happened.

Despite the incident happening over four years ago (and uploaded to YouTube at the time), the video has gone viral on Twitter again, as people criticise Louis for groping a woman live on TV.

Especially in the wake of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements where women the world over have been calling out inappropriate behaviour.

Twitter has blasted the former judge, claiming that, regardless of rumours about his sexuality, he is 100 per cent accountable for his actions.

But some didn’t believe Louis posed a threat and dismissed the criticism.

Either way, the clip has been viewed millions of times this week on social media alone, with his name being bandied around Twitter amid plenty of heated discussions.

Yahoo Celebrity has contacted Louis Walsh for comment.

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