Shocking rant at breastfeeding woman not what it seems

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A woman’s shocking rant directed towards a woman breastfeeding her baby in a restaurant in Perth has gone viral – but it’s not for the reason you might think.

Taking to a Perth Facebook page, Lesley Day shared an image of a woman breastfeeding her baby while sitting at the table across from her.

But it wasn’t the breastfeeding that had her calling the situation “Nasty”.

Photo: Facebook

“In your house it’s ok if you want, still gross, but not in a restaurant. It is a public place devoted to food consumption,” the post reads, initially still sounding like she is referring to the act of breastfeeding in public, which has been a hot topic in recent times.

“I know that many will come out to defend it, but they won’t ever change my mind. It’s just how I feel.”

She continues to say that what the woman is doing is “inconsiderate and unsanitary” before she finally clarifies what she is actually talking about.

“Don’t be putting your dirty flip flops on top of the table,” she writes.

Photo: Facebook/Lesley Day

“Why are you putting them on the table? Think of all the sh** that could be on them,” the post concludes.

Of course reactions to the post were plenty with many quickly assuming the woman was directing her rant towards breastfeeding in public.

However most appreciated the humour in the post once they had read to the end.

So glad I read the whole thing before getting all hurt,” one person commented.

It is unclear if the women know each other, but given they appear to be sitting across from each other at the same table one could expect they do.

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