Shocking ‘massage’ shows baby being swung by the neck

Allison Yee
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

It goes against everything we’ve ever been taught about babies, which is why the internet has been left completely shocked by footage of Kazakhstan masseuse Larissa Orynbasarovna treating a baby boy.

The 35-year-old masseuse can be seen dangling the baby by its ankles, pushing his ankle to his thigh as she swings him from side to side.

Masseuse Larissa claims the massage helps to ‘heal’ babies. Photo: News Dog Media

Larissa then holds the baby’s hands, flipping him over himself and bouncing him up and down.

“I help children,” Larissa explains.

“I’ve worked with so many babies over the years, many with disabilities like neck curl or crooked feet.

“My massage heals them.”

The footage shows the baby being flipped upside down, with the masseuse holding just his wrists. Photo: News Dog Media

The Independent reports this kind of massage is popular in Kazakhstan, with these so-called masseuses charging $12 for their baby to receive a 10 to 15 minute treatment.

However concerned experts have warned this kind of treatment could result in severe damage and urged parents never to bounce their children around like this.

Medical professionals have warned against handling babies this way. Photo: News Dog Media

“Some of the movements are acceptable but the more extreme ones risk dislocating his shoulders, or worst case causing damage to his spinal cord,” Stuart Korth of the Foundation of Paediatric Osteopathy told the Sun.

“The force that is being put on his neck could damage the spinal cord, that would be catastrophic.”

“Parents must avoid these movements altogether.”

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