Woman's 'genius' mission after finding tampon underneath boyfriend's wardrobe

A woman has shocked TikTokers after she revealed the extreme lengths she went through to find out if her boyfriend was cheating on her.

Lois Saunders took to her TikTok account to reveal the moment she found a tampon and a mascara underneath her new partner’s wardrobe.

Woman looking underneath a wardrobe to see tampax
A TikToker has shocked after revealing the extreme lengths she went through to find out if her boyfriend was cheating on her. Photo: TikTok/loissa4

Despite her boyfriend telling her that he hadn’t had another woman in his university room, she made it her mission to find out where the tampon came from and when it had rolled underneath the wardrobe.

“There's a tampon and a mascara under Finn's wardrobe and he's in denial that he's had a girl here,” she says in the video.

“I'm not even joking it's right there. There's not enough dust on it to be old.”


The video shows Lois peeping her head underneath the wardrobe as her boyfriend takes the whole scene in.

Lois Saunders
Lois Saunders said it was her first time in her boyfriend's house. Photo: TikTok/loissa4

Louis decided to email Tampax with the code on the tampon, telling them she was doing some investigation work.

Much to her surprise, Tampax emailed her back swiftly, saying that the tampon was made on December 11, 2019.

She later took to TikTok to clear things up, saying it was her first time in Finn’s house and she wasn’t looking around.

“He was facing the wardrobe and then I went backwards upside down and I could see under the wardrobe and I was like ‘what the hell is that?’,” she said.

Woman emails tampax after finding tampon underneath's boyfriend's wardrobe
Lois emailed Tampax with the code from the tampon. Photo: TikTok/loissa4
Tampax email to woman trying to find out if boyfriend was cheating
They remailed her back pretty quickly telling her when the tampon was made. Photo: TikTok/Loissa4

She also revealed that at this point, they weren’t properly together and had just been speaking for a few months, however she “wanted to make sure everything was fine”.

Finn told her that it was a university house and there had been girls living in that room before he moved in.

“To this day, we’ll never know,” she said.

“He says it wasn’t him and I believe him and we actually are together to this day so very happy ending actually,” she said.

People’s reactions were mixed on the video, with one person calling it “crazy behaviour”, while another said ”I’m not sure if this is genius or borderline psycho” with laughing emojis.

“This is incredible,” another person wrote, while many commended the person at Tampax who wrote back to Lois so quickly.

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