Sharon and Ankur reveal the hardest part of The Block

The Block stars spill on the toughest moments and share their biggest regrets.

Video transcript

- Mine, personally, would have been the feeling of being uncomfortable and out of your depth, like, 24/7. And just getting your head around feeling comfortable in uncomfortability would have been the--

- Mm.

- --hardest thing for me. And, obviously, sleep deprivation on [LAUGHS] the weekends killed you.

- I feel like, for me, it was the manipulative aspect of the whole TV production thing, like, that we are definitely making a show with a definite arc storyline. And it was just really obvious when things were kind of set up. And I, yeah, I found that really hard. It didn't feel like a reality--

- But I think--

- It didn't feel like reality.

- Yeah, that's the naivete of--

- Yeah.

- --us because everyone's like, surely you've watched "The Block" before. Surely you know what reality TV is. And you're like, yeah, until you're in it, and then you're just like, oh, my God. Like, yeah, it's nuts.

The level of how clever it is--

- Mm.

- --that, yes, things that get asked, you're like, why are they asking me that. And then, now, I've watched the show, and I'm like, oh, right, that's how that fit in there. At the time, I was like on no sleep, going, I don't even know what this question is about. But, yeah, that's the, yeah--

- Even, like, going through the rooms and it's like all you're saying is nice, happy, positive stuff. And they're like, no, you've gotta say something that's-- come on. Like, there's gotta be something-- and then. kind of, get pushed into it. You just want it to be over and done with, so you do it. [HANDCLAP]

- Yeah, unfortunately, like, I never want to do things with regrets. But, like, so-- not that I'd do it again, but it would, unfortunately, not be as open. And, like, everybody else played the game, like, and they did it well. And I think just honesty, which is now ironic because we got painted as liars and cheats, yeah, so it cost us in the end. So, yeah.

- We should have pulled our mics out like everybody else. And we should have sucked up like everybody else. We should have done all of that and not been honest and called stuff out, like, when it was wrong. That bit us in the butt on this show.


- So--

- Yeah, unfortunately, but it is what it is.


- Well, yeah, I think the biggest positive is Sharon and I's relationship went from strength to strength on it because you actually can only rely on each other in this space. So that's, I think, the greatest thing that we'll take from the whole experience.