Sharon and Ankur praise the 'real MVPs' of The Block: 'Caring'

The Block’s Sharon and Ankur reveal that former contestants reached out to offer support.

Video transcript

SHARON JOHAL: I reckon around 15 maybe, 15 to 20--


SHARON JOHAL: --former contestants.

ANKUR DOGRA: That's like-- yeah, that's the true family of "The Block" when the production talks about the family of "The Block." It's actually the people that have gone through it and they know it. And so they-- you don't have to justify yourself to them. They're like, mate, we completely understand.

SHARON JOHAL: Like, the amount of phone numbers that were thrown at us, like, literally in the first couple of episodes because they knew what was happening and what was coming. And they were like, guys--


SHARON JOHAL: Brace yourselves. Call us and we'll give you the lowdown. Heaps reached out from last year and all the years before. And even ones that like didn't get bill and edits and stuff, they did it as well. And just everyday, people, like--

ANKUR DOGRA: Yeah, really get-- yeah,

SHARON JOHAL: So many people.

ANKUR DOGRA: It was actually very caring. We had great support at the time.

SHARON JOHAL: The first thing people say when they see us is like, can we give you a hug? Like-- [LAUGHS]

ANKUR DOGRA: Yeah, it's strange because if you get stuck in that sort of trolling world, then you think everything's negative. But if you literally go out-- because I went straight back to work after the show, and it's all positive. I don't know if that's-- because genuinely, the majority is silent on the trolling. That's probably what it is. And the small minority that are most vocal, so that's the message it gets across.

SHARON JOHAL: Thank you to all of the people that have literally gone out of their way to approach us, to contact us, to message us, to call us, to just come up to us and tell us how much, like, they felt represented by us but also just in our vulnerability and, like, just giving it a shot and giving it a go and not giving up even though we wanted to give up and being like the rookie renovators. And those people that really did feel for us when we were in the trenches, I'd say I'm really grateful for that.

It's easy to kind of focus on those couple of really sad humans who go out of their way to hurt others. But, like, the ones that go out of their way to lift others up I think are the real MVP. So I'd say thank you to those guys.