Shark Week Starts Sunday! Here's When All The Shows Will Air

It's the most wonderful time of the year! A time when we gather with friends and family, indulge in delicious snacks, and bask in the warm glow of our televisions as we watch 46-ton predators cause absolute chaos. That's right, folks, it's Shark Week!

Here's your guide to the best week of the summer and when all the shows will be on! Get your sharky snacks ready, here's the game plan. First up is Sunday, July 7 starting at 8 PM ET.

Belly of the beast: Bigger and Bloodier. <p>Discovery Channel</p>
Belly of the beast: Bigger and Bloodier.

Discovery Channel

“Belly of the Beast: Bigger and Bloodier” premieres at 8PM ET/PT on Discovery

One of last year’s most popular Shark Week shows returns. Marine biologist Dr. Austin Gallagher, marine scientist Liv Dixon, and legendary cameraman Kina Scollay travel to a new location and head back into the belly of a 29-foot whale decoy with new shark attractant features to create the biggest feeding frenzy ever with 18-foot 'Breeder' sharks in New Zealand.

“Jaws vs Leviathan” premieres at 9PM ET/PT on Discovery

Orcas and other toothed whales are attacking Great Whites in record numbers, marking the latest chapter in a 60-million-year battle between Sharks and Whales. This rivalry began with The Leviathan, a prehistoric whale that once went tooth to tooth with the greatest predator to ever swim the oceans…The Meg. Now, Dr. Tristan Guttridge, Dr. Sona Kim, and Kina Scollay recreate these epic battles and study orca tactics to discover the ultimate predator.

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“Makozilla” premieres at 10PM ET/PT on Discovery

A wave of savage assaults against the sea lion population off California's coast has sparked fears of a monstrous predator dubbed “Mako-Zilla.” Recent discoveries, including a 600-pound mauled sea lion with massive gashes, hint that a 16-foot-long predator could be responsible. A team of shark experts, including bite specialist Jeff Harris and Dr. Craig O'Connell, embark on a mission to unveil the identity of the colossal predator haunting the coast.

“Sydney Harbor Shark Invasion” premieres at 11PM ET/PT on Discovery

Returning to the site of his own 2009 shark attack for the first time, Paul de Gelder joins Madison Stewart to investigate a recent Great White Shark attack that occurred near Sydney Harbor, Australia – the first fatal incident in the region in almost 60 years. The dramatic encounter, which was captured on camera, was the sixth attack to occur in as many weeks. Within this aquatic arena, Great Whites contend with Bull Sharks, Tiger Sharks, and even humans in a colossal battle for supremacy. The unfolding saga raises the compelling question of who will emerge victorious in this intense struggle for dominance.

Monday July 8 

Great White Serial Killer <p>Discovery</p>
Great White Serial Killer


“Big Shark Energy” premieres at 8PM ET/PT on Discovery

Shark experts Dr. Riley Elliott and Kori Burkhardt put on a one-of-a-kind shark competition to determine which male Great White Shark is the alpha in a pack of massive adults. In the waters off New Zealand, they compare the sharks speed, hunting ability, and fearlessness to determine who has the swagger to swim away with a female shark.

“Shark Frenzy: Mating Games” premieres at 9PM ET/PT on Discovery

Dr. Craig O’Connell explores the love lives of Oceanic White Tips & Tiger Sharks, suggesting that feeding frenzies spark romance vital for species survival. Armed with advanced gear, he orchestrates feeding events to uncover the mating link, which is crucial for species protection.

“Great White Serial Killer: Sea of Blood” premieres at 10PM ET/PT on Discovery

After three fatal Great White shark attacks occurred off a small Mexican fishing village – including one in which a victim was decapitated - shark attack survivor Paul De Gelder joins shark investigator Brandon McMillan and local biologist Gador Mutaner to launch a plan to ID the killers and keep the villagers in the Sea of Cortez safe.

Tuesday July 9 

“Deadliest Bite” premieres at 8PM ET/PT on Discovery

Using cutting edge technology, Dr. Tristan Guttridge, Annie Guttridge, Paul De Gelder and Skye Minnis unveil the secrets of Bull, Tiger, Hammerhead, Great White, and rare shark species' jaw mechanics and delve deep into how these sharks' jaws and teeth deliver lethal attacks.

“6000lb. Shark” premieres at 9PM ET/PT on Discovery

Marine Biologists Tom “The Blowfish” Hird and Leigh de Necker go searching for the fattest Great White Sharks off the coast of New Zealand and attempt to obtain their poop to study what they are eating. Using cutting-edge science, they aim to weigh a great white accurately for the first time, revealing if they can reach a staggering 6,000 pounds.

“Monster Hammerheads: Species X” premieres at 10PM ET/PT on Discovery

Dr. Austin Gallagher and his team of researchers including Liv Dixon, Zandi Ndhlovu, and Dr. Tristan Guttridge, investigate an aggressive population of Hammerhead Sharks in Turks and Caicos, which they believe could be an entirely new species.

Encores run at 11PM ET/PT on Discovery.

Wednesday July 10 

Alien Sharks: Ghosts of Japan<p>Discovery</p>
Alien Sharks: Ghosts of Japan


“Great White North” premieres at 8PM ET/PT on Discovery

There’s a growing population of aggressive White Sharks in an unlikely location, Canada. Shark expert Andy Casagrande heads out on an expedition along Nova Scotia’s coast to investigate a surge of Great White Shark encounters and figure out if this new population could be the largest in the world.

“Expedition Unknown: Shark Wrecks of WWII” premieres at 9PM ET/PT on Discovery

Global adventurer Josh Gates and shark biologist Tristan Guttridge team up with nature’s deadliest predator to search for a lost wreck sunk by a Nazi U-Boat during World War II.

“Alien Sharks: Ghosts of Japan” premieres at 10PM ET/PT on Discovery

Japan's waters are home to the largest diversity of shark species on the planet, most of which take otherworldly forms. Wildlife biologist Forrest Galante, along with deep-sea marine scientist Christina de Silva and deep-water surveyors, track down and study these alien sharks in their mission to uncover whether the critically endangered Angel Shark remains in Japan's waters. Along the way, Forrest will uncover 17 different and unique species and witness the births of little-known Velvet Dogfish sharks.

Thursday July 11 

“Monster of Oz” premieres at 8PM ET/PT on Discovery

In southwestern Australia, an unknown predator with a taste for Great White and Mako Sharks ignites fears of sea monsters in the abyss. Filmmakers Dave and Jennene Riggs join Dr. Tristan Guttridge and Rosie Moore in attempt to track down the killer.

“Caught! When Sharks Attack” premieres at 9PM ET/PT on Discovery

Researchers are witnessing an unusual amount of shark aggression and attacks. A team of experts will analyze the most intense shark encounters Caught! on camera, unveiling mysterious new behaviors within these dangerous interactions.

“Great White Danger Zone” premieres at 10PM ET/PT on Discovery

Alison Towner and her team investigate a new Great White hotspot off the coast of South Africa. Equipped with cutting-edge fin cameras, tracking tags, and underwater surveillance, researchers unveil unusual behavior in these massive apex predators.


“The Real Sharkano” premieres at 8PM ET/PT on Discovery

Shark advocate and attack survivor Paul De Gelder visits an ultra-remote island of shark-worshiping natives to see if their secret ways of swimming with deadly sharks holds the secret to humans and sharks living together in peace.

“Sharks of the Dead Zone” premieres at 9PM ET/PT on Discovery

Significant marine pollution and algal bloom outbreaks are creating eerie dead zones in North America’s most biodiverse estuary. Dr. Tiara Moore, along with Dr. Craig O’Connell, explores whether Bull Sharks can persist in the Indian River Lagoon, a vital nursery, despite the oxygen-depleted waters. Her mission could unlock the secrets to shark survival in changing oceans.

“Shark Attack Island” premieres at 10PM ET/PT on Discovery

A South Pacific paradise has become a shark attack hot spot with Bull, Tiger, and Great White sharks moving closer and closer to the resort beaches, fatally attacking seven people in the last five years. Dr. Riley Elliot, Paul De Gelder, and Kori Burkhardt conduct experiments to identify the species responsible and find out why they are attacking.

Encores run at 10PM and 11PM ET/PT on Discovery.


“Sharktopia” premieres at 8PM ET/PT on Discovery

In Indonesia’s Raja Ampat Islands, a team of researchers hunt for one of the region’s last living leopard sharks. But as they venture deeper into the unknown, the journey brings them face to face with some of the weirdest and wildest sharks on earth.

“Mothersharker: Hammer Time” premieres at 9PM ET/PT on Discovery

Using the latest underwater ultrasound and birthing tag technology, researchers Dr. James Sulikowski and Beckah Campbell aim to solve the mystery of where the elusive pregnant scalloped hammerheads give birth – and it may be closer than anyone realizes.

I can't decide which show I'm most excited about, but all I do know is that I know where I'll be every night this week! Happy Shark Week everyone!