'Nothing's off limits' Shane Warne on his relationship with his kids after divorce

Eliza Velk
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Shane Warne is no stranger to being in the spotlight – from scandals to high profile breakups and of course, his cricket career as the ‘king of spin,’ the bowler has arguably gained just as much attention off the pitch as he has on it. 

Now as the 49-year-old reaches the big five-zero, he has decided to lay it all on the line in his new memoir No Spin, including chapters about his family life during his divorce from Simone Callahan after he was caught sexting another woman. 

As a dad to Summer, 17, Jackson, 19 and Brooke, 21, Shane admitted that writing about his family was, “one of the hardest things to do,” while speaking to The Morning Show on Friday. 

“To visit that chapter and know that you have let your children and your family down and divorced parents are never easy for the children although the silver lining for that is the openness that I have with my children,” Shane explained. 

Shane Warne opens up about his family life during the time he divorced Simone Callahan amid sexting scandals. Source: Getty

“The other silver lining of that divorce was that we talk about everything there’s nothing off limits and we are truthful and honest with each other. I think that is a respect factor that we have with each other.”

And despite there being times where the media attention on Shane hasn’t exactly been positive, his kids still continue to speak highly of him.

“People say we must be embarrassed by him but we’re not we love him actually, we’re sometimes embarrassed by the things on social media… but he’s learning from his mistakes,” Jackson said of Shane. 

During the rest of the interview, Shane couldn’t help but gush over his children whenever he could.

“At the moment I am very happy. I got three terrific children that are just amazing. They are my number one priority.”

“I just want my children to be happy. In 10 or 20 years, if my children are happy, I will be happy,” he said proudly.  

As for looking for his love life, Shane admitted he hopes to meet someone soon, saying “There is nothing better than a great relationship.”

He’s even got his dating app bio all worked out: “Make me laugh and I will make you laugh.”

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