Shake Shack Debuts 3 New Fall-Inspired Lemonades

shake shack cherry hibiscus lemonade
shake shack cherry hibiscus lemonade - Facebook/Shake Shack

September 23 was the first day of fall, and Shake Shack is here to celebrate. But unlike Wendy's pumpkin spice Frosty and Salt & Straw's pumpkin spice ice cream, the chain isn't going in that particular autumnal direction -- instead, it's adding three new lemonade flavors to the mix for a limited time. The Harvest Berry Lemonade, returning after making its debut in 2022, features tart aronia berry juice, real orange, bergamot citrus, and cinnamon blended into the Shake Shack house lemonade. The two new flavors arriving on the scene this year are Cherry Hibiscus Lemonade and the Kiwi Apple Limeade. The former is made with real cherry and hibiscus, while the latter boasts real kiwi, green apple, and lime juice. Just like Shake Shack's classic lemonade, all three of the fall beverages can be ordered as-is or naturally caffeinated, which adds 50 cents to a small and 60 cents to a large. Notably absent from the menu this year are the Yuzu Orange Cider and Concord Grape Punch, which were part of the chain's 2022 fall lineup.

Initial reactions on social media are mixed. Some Instagram commenters are excited to try the lemonades, particularly the returning Harvest Berry flavor, while others are anticipating the return of Shake Shack's fall milkshakes, which in 2022 included pumpkin, apple cider donut, and chocolate salted toffee .

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Shake Shack Continues To Test New Seasonal Lemonade Flavors

shake shack fall lemonades
shake shack fall lemonades - Facebook/Shake Shack

Shake Shack is no stranger to releasing seasonal lemonade flavors. In addition to the 2022 fall menu, the chain launched three drinks for summer 2023 in June, including Strawberry Lemonade, Mango Passionade, and Dragonfruit Pomegranate Lemonade. Prior to that, it released Blood Orange, Pomegranate Sweet Basil, and Sunset Lemonades for winter. As Shake Shack's CEO Randy Garutti told Nation's Restaurant News in February, part of the driver for the ever-increasing variety of lemonades is the desire to expand the chain's audience and receive feedback. However, Shake Shack isn't the only chain to think of offering caffeinated lemonades. Panera launched its version of these drinks in the spring of 2022, which boasted a similar type of "clean" caffeine made with green coffee extract and guarana extract.

If you're heading to Shake Shack to try the new drinks, you might as well take a look at the chain's latest fall food offerings too. It just dropped a Spicy ShackMeister Burger made with a hot pepper blend, crispy onions, and chopped cherry peppers, as well as a Hot Chicken Sandwich featuring the same hot pepper blend and a Shack-made cherry pepper slaw. If those sound too spicy for you, having a chilled fall lemonade ready on the side could help cool your mouth down.

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