Shah Rukh Khan's new movie Jawan sets another big box office record

Shah Rukh Khan's Jawan sets big box office recordRed Chillies Entertainment

Jawan, the new film starring Shah Rukh Khan, has set another big box office record.

The Bollywood action-thriller sees Khan play the dual role of father and son, with the pair teaming up to end corruption in society.

The film had already set a box office record earlier this year, with its $64.4 million gross across the opening four days being the highest for a Hindi-language film.

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Red Chillies Entertainment

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As reported by Variety, Jawan has another record under its belt, with the film now overtaking the $126 million mark set by Pathaan – Khan’s previous film – to become the highest grossing Indian film of the year.

With $130.3 million now in the bank, Jawan is currently the fifth highest-grossing Indian film of all time, and is fast approaching 2022 breakout hit RRR, which accrued $159 million.

As well as popular approval, Jawan has enjoyed critical acclaim ever since its release, and director Atlee revealed to Firstpost that he wanted to move audiences as well as entertain them.

“I stick to [the] basics and that is my secret and my core ideology,” he explained. “Without a root, a tree or a branch can’t stand. My roots are the masses and basic emotions and that’s how I am able to commit and make something that reaches the hearts of the masses.

Red Chillies Entertainment

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“I try to connect with the emotions of the masses and that is how I end up making a massy film. My idea was to bring in the right emotion, and that’s how we cried [and] got motivated – I [was] inspired by what I read on the news whilst making [it].

“I think a film is not just about entertaining [audiences] – you need to take something back home. I think we are taking back good emotions and that is the cause of Jawan’s success. I am super-duper happy – my hard work didn’t go to waste.”

Jawan is in cinemas now.

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