Sexy game rangers strip down to save the rhino

Jo Piazza

A group of game rangers in South Africa is baring all to save the endangered African rhino.

Photo: Thinkstock

South African photographer Josie Borain, a former supermodel, created the “Rangers for Rhinos” 2015 calendar to raise funds for the Game Rangers Association of Africa and Resource Africa, two organizations fighting the poaching of rhinos in the country.

Photo: Josie Borain

According to reports, this will be the first in a series of provocative fundraising calendars.

According to Mamba Online:

"Think ‘Calendar Girls’, and then think game rangers. The calendar features men prepared to step out of their clothes and out of their comfort zones to help raise awareness of the crisis facing the rhino.

The models are actual game rangers from around South Africa and Botswana who volunteered to pose naked for the cause. The photographs includes the rangers, naked but not totally exposed, in various poses to create a sexy, arty and humorous feel.

Two gents out for a dip. Photo: Josie Borain

Along with the photographs of the rangers, the calendar includes text about the plight of the rhino and the experience of rangers on the frontline of the rhino wars.”
The calendar is currently sold out, but more are being printed. You can order them online on the Rangers for Rhinos Facebook page.

This article originally appeared on Yahoo Travel.