Sexologist shares bizarre 'vagina perfume' trick

Penny Burfitt
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From Gwyneth’s scented candle to now a body perfume it seems the scent of vagina is all the rage these days.

At least that’s what it feels like, as yet another woman comes forward with a bizarre trick that takes the smell of her lady parts and uses them as an enticing musk.

Shan Boodram shared an ad-hoc experiment she tried with vaginal fluid as perfume. Photo: Instagram/shanboody

Yep, author and sexologist Shan Boodram decided to replace her spritz of perfume with a spritz of what she calls vagina fluid, as she explores in a new book The Game Of Desire: 5 Surprising Secrets To Dating With Dominance — And Getting What You Want.

In an excerpt published by Refinery29 the author details the experiment in which she and three women put their own fluid onto their necks and wrists, the fluid she labels a ‘love potion’.

‘Love potion’ Experiment

Shan explained her hypothesis, arguing the vagina’s chemicals should attract a potential partner.

“If copulins [chemicals secreted by the vagina] are used as perfume, then it will attract anyone traditionally attracted to women with vulvas,” she wrote.

Putting it to the test, the women first circled through a bar sent-free, before heading into a bathroom to apply the fluid, then circling again.

She says she instructed the women to go into the bathroom stall, and retrieve a sample of their own... love potion.

Shan and three participants tried the trick at a busy bar. Photo: Instagram/shanboody

“Once they got a good amount of wetness, they could rub it on the neck, collarbone and wrists,” she wrote.

According to the social experiment, it had some level of success with most saying people seemed to draw physically closer to them, though Shan admits it could be a placebo effect, boosting confidence rather that chemical sex appeal.

“I've used this technique countless times in the past ten years and have had mixed results: sometimes people are flocking to me, sometimes I don't notice a difference,” Shan wrote in her conclusion.

“So while I'm not sure how effective this experiment is, I am certain that every single time I employ it, it makes me feel like an enchanted goddess with a delicious secret.”

Mixed responses to perfume trick

Readers were divided over the 'natural' perfume. Photo: Getty Images

The response to the article was mixed, with some loving the x-rated secret, other horrified.

“This is really gross and unsanitary,” one person wrote.

Another disagreed.

“Like wow...why are vaginas so taboo?! Even when they are your own anatomy,” they tweeted.

“I blame Gwyneth Paltrow, she started this thinking I reckon,” another wrote.

“I like the idea of an empowering secret,” another countered.

Divisive it may be, but it remains to be seen if this trend takes off, or if we decide never to speak of this again.

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