Mum's X-rated gaffe will have you crying

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A mum's red-faced moment has sparked a legion of fans. Photo: Getty Images

An unsuspecting mum has become something of an internet superhero, after mixing up messages and posting a saucy comment on the wrong group.

Comedian Urzula Carlson posted to Instagram yesterday sharing a side-splitting exchange from a hapless woman, who was clearly just trying to get hers.

“When you accidentally post about your ‘bullet’...” she began the caption for a screenshot of possibly the most cringe-worthy exchange we’ve seen this year.

The photo shows a Facebook thread in which an unidentified woman - since dubbed ‘Bullet Mum’ - posts about what seems like a freebie deal on adult toys.

“I’ve just bought my first toy and getting a free bullet,” the woman wrote, thrilled judging by the smiling emoji accompanying the post.

“Is a bullet the same?”

The cringe-worthy exchange has gone viral on Instagram. Photo: Instagram/ urzilacarlson

A bullet is of course a small, battery-powered vibrator, which is generally a perfectly fine - if very open - conversation between adult women.

But here’s the kicker: she posted it to a ‘kid’s rock painting’ Facebook page.

“Wrong post I think lovely,” a kind-hearted individual wrote.

The mum’s response sums the whole thing up nicely; ‘Oopsies’.

The moment is blowing up online, where Bullet Mum is gradually being hailed as a voice for modern mums everywhere.

All hail Bullet Mum

A mum's unfortunate reference to grown up toys in a kid's group has the internet screaming with laughter. Photo: Love Honey

The original post is garnering thousands of likes, and dozens have shared their appreciation for the hilarious mix up.

“This is absolutely fantastic. Go bullet mum,” wrote one new fan.

“This is the best thing on the internet this week,” another wrote.

Mostly people used just one word to capture the magic: “Gold!!!”

Perhaps the greatest comment of all was this reply to the mysterious ‘Bullet Mum’ herself.

“Have fun, and honestly you can never have enough,” one cheeky mum wrote back.

An important conversation

The reality is that more women than ever before are using sex toys, so the appreciation for ‘Bullet Mum’ should come as no surprise.

Love Honey reported that in 2016 five million sex toys and associated products were shipped all over the world, and a 2009 study shows 52 per cent of women use vibrators or sex toys.

As conversations open up, more women feel comfortable exploring this world, so it seems ‘Bullet Mum’ might just be the saviour we didn’t know we needed.

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