Seth Meyers Finds Trump’s Weird Obsession In Fear-Mongering Over Immigration

Seth Meyers on Thursday pointed out Donald Trump’s “obsession with strong young men” when he fear-mongers over the border situation. (Watch the video below.)

In a “Closer Look” segment on “Late Night,” the host played highlights of Trump’s provocative choice of words in describing migrants when he was president.

“Mostly young men and a lot of rough people, a lot of rough people,” Trump said in one clip. They’re “largely, very big percentage of men ― young, strong,” he asserted in another.

“Seriously, though, what is Trump’s obsession with strong young men?” Meyers asked. “Did Trump mix up his daily briefing with one of those firefighter calendars?”

Meyers then broke out his Trump impression. “I’ve seen the pictures,” he said in the former president’s voice. “These migrants, they’re big, strong men. ... Their shirts off, torsos glistening, pectoral muscles popping off the page!”

Meyers used the bit to comment on Republicans undermining a bipartisan compromise to deal with the immigration crisis so Trump can use it for political gain before the election. The GOP has whined about border enforcement for years, but some in Congress don’t want Biden to look like he’s solving the issue.

We wonder, though, if Meyers also just wanted to show off his impression of Martin Short’s fawning interviewer character, Jiminy Glick.

See what we mean from the beginning. That’s whereMeyers’ “young, strong” routine starts: