Seriously Upgrade Your Next Tuna Casserole By Topping It With Potato Chips

Tuna casserole in cast iron pan
Tuna casserole in cast iron pan - AS Foodstudio/Shutterstock

Of the 100 best casserole recipes, tuna casserole may garner a high ranking from many foodies based on versatility and nostalgia alone. Not many of us can say we grew up in a home with parents who didn't occasionally serve a dinner centered around egg noodles, canned tuna, and shredded cheese. Maybe you're still opting for this vintage dish because you love canned cream of mushroom soup or can't resist the traditional topping of buttery breadcrumbs. If you lean more toward the latter and want to take your classic tuna casserole recipe from tasty to exceptional, there's a topping swap you may want to consider.

Usually, our favorite casserole recipes include a crunchy topping of plain or seasoned breadcrumbs mixed with melted butter. While no one claims that buttery breadcrumbs aren't delicious, those who desire an extra satisfying crunch should consider swapping out this standard topping for potato chips. Crunchy, salty, and full of flavor, potato chips are an easy way to upgrade a classically creamy dish, as they provide casseroles with a new, exciting texture and flavor. The best part about giving chips a try is that they're fairly simple to crush and sprinkle on your next tuna casserole. Yet, there are a few factors to keep in mind as you take the jump from breadcrumbs to chips.

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Don't Be Shy To Use Your Favorite Flavor Of Potato Chips

Bowl of potato chips
Bowl of potato chips - Fotospeedy/Getty Images

Now that you know adding crunchy potato chips to your next tuna noodle casserole may enhance the flavor of this comforting meal, why not upgrade this dish even more by choosing flavored potato chips? Sure enough, you can use any flavor of chips your heart desires, including jalapeño, salt and vinegar, or even barbecue. Whichever variety you choose, try to opt for thicker chips if you want this topping to form a hearty and crunchy top layer on your casserole. Classic potato chips also work, but keep a close eye on your oven since thinner chips are more susceptible to browning at a faster rate. If your casserole begins to brown too soon, simply cover the top with foil and finish baking until the dish has been thoroughly warmed.

If you're someone who enjoys making casseroles ahead of time, make sure not to top your uncooked dish with potato chips until it's ready to head into the oven. Crunchy chips added to creamy noodles and refrigerated will only result in a soggy topping. Beyond adding chips right before baking, make sure to crush your chips of choice extra small so textured crumbs are enjoyed in each bite. Even though seasoned chips are a delicious topping swap for your next tuna casserole, these potato-based snacks are not the only breadcrumb alternative worth trying.

There Are Many Crunchy Topping Alternatives For Your Next Tuna Casserole

Hand stirring tuna casserole with spatula
Hand stirring tuna casserole with spatula - knelson20/Shutterstock

If you don't feel like adding crushed potato chips to your no-bake tuna casserole or the traditional oven-baked original, fear not since you have many resourceful options to consider. Truth be told, chips can be pretty greasy, so if you're looking for an alternative that houses less fat, look to neutral-flavored cereal. Assortments like unsweetened cornflakes and Chex are great options.

For those of you consistently after a saltier alternative, you can try crushed pretzels or crackers instead of chips. Remember, however, that if you want that signature crunch and flavor to last, you may need to mix these alternatives with a small amount of melted butter before adding to your tuna casserole. Butter not only helps your topping crisp nicely in the oven but also imparts a moist savoriness often missing from dry ingredients. Apart from salty snacks and crunchy cereal, you can add chopped nuts to the top of your tuna casserole if you want a gluten-free option.

Even though there are several different ingredients, potato chips are convenient to use since they're already seasoned and oiled, so you don't have to worry about adding extra butter or salt. The next time this iconic tuna noodle dish is on your weekly menu, consider trying chips to amp up your casserole-eating experience.

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